Crocheted Dinosaur Booties

I’ve been hard-pressed lately to find time to crochet, but I’m working on squeezing it in here and there. I managed to make these adorable (at least I think they’re cute) dinosaur booties a few weeks ago as a gift. Most people couldn’t tell they were supposed to be dinosaurs, but that’s ok. The mom who received them knew exactly what they were and that’s good enough for me! lol


I worked on these over several weeks – a few rounds once in awhile, as time permitted. I was so happy to see the finished result – I love seeing how things that are pieced together start shaping into what you imagined them to be. When they were finally complete – all sewed up with the eyes and scales – I ran to show the hubby who said, “Hey…you made some lizard-things.” Nice, dear…lol. “They’re dinosaurs!” I shouted! “Oh yea…I see…” Sheesh…boys…


Another friend of mine found out recently that she was preggers. When she told me about it, I was so excited to make something cool. Lucky her, though…she works at the library and all the cute older librarians showered her with handmade goodies. I can’t compete with their experience! My stuff will look crappy next to theirs! Maybe I’ll buy her something cute, I’ve wondered. But, she told me the other day that she didn’t have any booties, so maybe I’ll make one of the other animals shown in the book. She’s waiting to find out the baby’s sex, but I’m hoping for a girl. 🙂


I’m also hoping for more free time as the year goes by so I can start on my first crocheted-blanket. I want something warm and cozy to cuddle up with when winter comes. I’m eyeing patterns in my books and I think I have one picked out, but you guys know I’ll tell you when I figure that all out.

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