I am a Baby-Booty-Making Machine

Why is everyone around me having babies?!  What in the world!?  Good thing I have a good booty pattern b/c I'd never be able to keep up with all these baby gifts if I had to make something bigger.  I swear, I have become a baby-booty-making-machine! lol.

First, it was the Dinosaur Booties, now these.  


And, I've got another pair in the works, plus the yarn needed to make a fourth.  Phew!  I have been giving my crochet hook a run for its money!  lol


These floral booties were actually made with the same yarn used for the Dinosaur Booties, as well as the same basic booty pattern.  Since these booties were for a girl, I decided to forego the animal attachments and add flowers instead.  These flowers are from Nicky Epstein's lovely Crocheted Flowers book.  I hope the family enjoys these!  

2 thoughts on “I am a Baby-Booty-Making Machine”

  1. I just stumbled across your site, and I am so impressed!! Your baby booties are adorable! I also really like your shabby chic gift tags!


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