Quick Plastic Bin Make-Over

My craft room is a complete and utter mess.  Sadly, it's been that way pretty much ever since we've moved into our apartment (well over a year ago).  I know I keep talking about cleaning it up, but I've tried.  I really have!  My craft room has become almost a black hole – sucking all my time away into seemingly infinity.  You see, I spend a couple hours here and there, organizing this, switching these craft goods for those craft goods, and then, feeling quite fulfilled that I've done my best for the day, I take a step back and look around, only to see that it doesn't really look that much different.  This is frustrating, but ok, b/c I love organizing.  When I was a kid, I used to spend hours organizing my bedroom – turning my picture frames just so and making everything was in the proper place.  I truly enjoy organizing.

The problem now is that I have SO MUCH STUFF!  I wonder where it all came in and when it all came in.  I guess it came in one shopping trip at a time, huh?  Tee-hee!

I had this past Monday off, so I decided to spend another good chunk of several hours working away on the craft room.  As usual, it didn't look too different when I was done, but I did manage to think up a quick make-over project for some simple plastic bins.


I thought at first the bins would look okay on their own since they are the same brand, shape, size, and things grouped together usually look pretty good.  But, I just wasn't happy seeing all the goodies I had inside those bins with everything else I have out in the open.  I thought about labeling them, but I didn't have any labels, and I hate sticking sticky-things on things b/c labels never come off right. Soo…I dreamed up an idea and made a template by tracing the edge of the bin and adjusting it little bit by little bit.  I used my template to trace out my pattern on some decorative scrapbook paper.


I used a simple, black marker to create my labels, slid the paper pieces inside the bins and…VOILA!


I can't reveal the whole room yet (b/c it's still a mess), but here are the finished bins with their new make-overs.  If I had more time, I'm sure I could do something more elaborate, but these were pretty nice for a quick project.

2 thoughts on “Quick Plastic Bin Make-Over”

  1. Well, how clever was that?…. and it looks great. Much more organized looking than seeing all sorts of ribbon spools in various colours…. great idea Diana ..I might just have to do that with my plastic containers….

  2. OMG! I think you have got to be my long lost twin!!! I have the same trouble in my room. Where did it all come from and is it tripling as we speak? Will I ever have it organized? I had set the deadline of Nov. 1 for it to be ready. Hum that is how many days away? Teehee.


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