Sissy Bakes Me a Cake

I went home for my b-day a few weeks ago and, as my fam likes to do, ate a ton of food.  My sister (we call each other "Sissy") was sweet enough to bake me a b-day cake.  Of my family, I have always been the "cook", and my sister has always been the "baker."  I can bake and she can cook, but we are better at one than the other.  My amazing mom is, of course, good at both. 🙂  We must get our cooking/baking skills from her.

My Sissy used the Cake Doctor cookbook to bake my cake.  Apparently, this cook book is amazing.  Have you heard of it?  I should probably ask for it for Christmas.


Anywho, the truly impressive part of my cake was the decoration.  My mom got my sister a cake-decorating set from Pampered Chef and my sister wanted to try out her new toys on my b-day cake.  I have to say, she did a pretty fab job, no?  My dad even helped out a tad by helping my sis mix the icing color to just the right Robin's Egg Blue I love so much.  Thanks guys!

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