Dog Walking in Nature’s Confetti

Hubby and I decided to take advantage of the unusually warm weather and we took Bailey for a nice walk this afternoon.  


The sky was a rich, azure blue color – so bright and clear!


The trees were the most amazingly bright colors – golds and reds that seemed to light up the streets like lamps.  The sun cast long shadows across the sidewalks and the streets.  Every now and then, the wind would blow through the trees, casting leaves about like confetti.


We passed through a local park where it seemed like everyone else in town had the same idea as us.  


Bailey was having such a blast – he was literally grinning the whole time.


Just at look at that face – that is the look of pure happiness!


Aww…he's giving us one of those "thank you" looks again.  You're welcome, puppy-face.

4 thoughts on “Dog Walking in Nature’s Confetti”

  1. Look at those beautiful colours, I went for a walk amongst the vineyards yesterday and was blown away by the riot of reds and yellows. Bailey is seriously cute, I used to have a dog that grinned like that 🙂

  2. He is the cutest little guy! and the trees are beautiful… our leaves have all fallen off and blown or been swept way now… we did have perfect weather up til the beginning of this past week… mid week, we had our first snowfall. It didn't stay on the road…but there is still some on the shady spots of the lawn…. although today was lovely and sunny… but, it is November…and soon I'm sure we will have more snow.


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