One Year Ago Today…

…it was Veteran's Day and my months of brainwashing had finally worn off on my then-fiance who took me puppy shopping – one of the best decisions he's ever made, may I add.  Based on lots of research, I had narrowed breeds down to two types – Corgis and Shiba Inus and now-hubby went so far as to research pet shops to see what kinds of puppies they had.  He found one pet store just north of us that had both breeds we were considering.

I'll never forget…we walked into the store and I bee-lined for the corgi.  I think the Shiba Inu was sold or sick, but they weren't out.  A small black & white corgi puppy was in one of those round bins, not along the wall, but in the center of the store with an open lid.  I leaned over for a closer look and the puppy stood up to greet me and kissed my nose.  It was love at first site and from that day on, Bailey has been a proud member of our family.


Wasn't Bailey an adorable puppy?

6 thoughts on “One Year Ago Today…”

  1. Bailey is most certainly adorable and just the look in his eyes is enough to melt anyone's heart. He certainly has grown up fast! At least he won't be getting married and moving away from home though. LOL

  2. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and your comment. I love your colors for Christmas, fresh and pretty. You like color like I do! Your blog looks like it hasd some great recipes. I'm off to give a once over:>)

  3. If they had opposable thumbs, corgi puppies would rule the world. Who could resist them? Good luck with Bailey – have fun playing fetch for 4 hours every day in about two years! (Take my advice and get him his own sheep then. That's the only thing that will tear him away and let you get some rest.)

  4. Oh, my…how darling!!! I adore Corgis. According to the mutt DNA test we ran on her, my own dog, Tallulah Mae (check out my blog on Fridays for pix) has "trace" amounts of Cardigan Welsh Corgi in her. Yay, because I love Corgis, Pembroke AND Cardigan Welsh. You have a very cute blog, by the way…


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