Bloggies Yarn Around

My sister and I met up with blog friend, April of theartchics (click), and her daughter, Bella, for a fun day of yarning around this past Saturday.


First, we met up at The Needletree, where I fell in love with several more balls of yarn that I managed to somehow leave in their cubbies.  Take this yummy, oh-so-soft Sublime yarn, pictured above.  I was actually able to let go of it and put it back where I found it.  Yarn people, you know how hard it is to put back an uber-soft ball of yarn, right?  Either way, I do know where to find it now…heehee.


Next, we headed out in search of food and hit up April's suggestion, Bellacino's, for some delicious pizza.  It was good stuff!  My sister and I actually split this tiny 8 inch pizza since we were having our Christmas dinner later that night.  Plus, I had to save room for one last favorite snack of mine: the elusive Pistachio Latte.


So, we headed to one of my favorite haunts, Coffee Underground, which is the only coffee shop that seems to carry this concoction I so craved.  Only problem was…it turns out someone discontinued the pistachio flavor.  *sad face* After giving a pitiful look to the lady at the register (who I didn't realize at the time, but now think is the owner…oopsie), I ordered a Turtle Mocha – my other fave drink of theirs.


The Turtle Mocha is basically a Mocha with caramel syrup, and it's quite tasty.  CU always does a great job with their froth, too – it's always nice and thick.  Oh, and check out the art that was on the wall next to our "lounge" area (we were sitting  on two couches).  Isn't it pretty?  So much nicer in person, really.  The painting had all kinds of vibrant colors and even buttons, which added fun texture.


April and her daughter had hot chocolates and my sis had a Strawberry smoothie.  With drinks in hand and cozy couches ready for the lounging, sis and I got started on our WIPs, and April started on a new WIP for her hubby.


Sis actually finished her WIP over coffee, but I was not so lucky.  The black WIP on the table was mine and is going to be a scarf for my dad.  Since we celebrated Christmas with my family this weekend, my scarf WIP was supposed to be complete by this afternoon, but I just didn't quite make it.  Actually, I ran into a technical difficulty when I realized that one of the plys of my yarn was split.  I'm planning on taking it to the yarn shop to see what they think – if I should keep going and hope the yarn doesn't break or cut out the broken yarn and tie a new piece of yarn on.  I ended up wrapping the WIP – yarn, needles, and all – and let dad unwrap it today.  He said it was the thought that counted, so at least he knows I tried.  I'm hoping to have his scarf done before the weather starts warming up again.  Wish me luck!

Anywho, I had a great time hanging out my bloggie buddy, April, her daughter, Bella, and my sis!  We'll have to do this again soon, girls!

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