Long Time, No Thrift

It had been a long time since I'd had the opportunity to go on a good thrifting trip, but that day that I visited Yarns, Etc., I noticed, whilst walking up to the building, that there was a thrift shop a couple doors down.  I made a mental note to stop by after I was done with the yarns, and thrifted, I did!  I actually got to hit up another thrift shop just the next day, so my collection of finds are in this post.


Here's my favorite thrift find from the weekend.  This vintage covered, vegetable dish was cracked and had a broken handle…


but I just loved the turquoise flowers on top.  I originally checked out leaving this pretty dish sitting in the store's front window, but had to go back inside to get her.  Then, I talked the nice lady behind the counter into discounting the dish a couple bucks because or some cracks and chips.  Woohoo!


Then, there was this cute bread "basket" with a tile you can heat up to keep your breads warm during dinner.  I thought it was super cute and all vintage-y…in fact, it looked like someone made it by hand and it even had some nails that were coming undone…buuuutttt, then I noticed the "Made in Japan" sticker.  lol…not so handmade after all, eh?

DSCN2340  DSCN2344

There was a whole stash of Southern Living Christmas Books starting in the 80's till present.  I couldn't get the whole collection, so I got the compiled book and one from 2006 that had some cool projects.


I found these vintage postcards for a mere 50 cents.  They are still in their original wrapping!  I'm not sure I can bear to open them!


I got a couple cute hand towels…


…and this embroidered poinsettia tablecloth/napkin set and set of holly-embroidered cocktail napkins.  The cloth goodies are a wee bit stained and even had a note "Soak Me" on them when I bought them.  Anyone have any good tips on getting stains out of delicate materials?  

Anywho, as you can see, I had quite the thrifting adventure recently…hopefully, I'll have the chance to go thrifting again very soon!

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  1. Red floss + soaking = disaster! Danger Will Robinson, Danger!


    In all seriousness, proceed very slowly. Start with some borax, warm water and a napkin and see what happens. Do not start with the tablecloth, it will be so sad if that floss runs.


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