Pay It Forward – Holiday Style

Whilst chatting with Mr. Chic yesterday, I found out that there was a box for me at the apartment.  I knew I hadn't ordered anything recently, so it must have been a prezzie. 🙂


Sure enough, there she was – my mystery gift.  I opened her up to see…


…another layer of wrapping.  It reminded me of when I was a kid and it was cool to wrap your friends presents in as many boxes as you could find so they had to keep opening box after box after box. I think I fit one friend's small present in about eight boxes…haha…good times…


Once opened, the card confirmed my suspicion…the mystery prezzie was my Pay-It-Forward gift from sweet Veronica of The "Bearister" Bookcase and Teas and Scones!


The box contained tons of goodies.  I don't know how V fit so much stuff in there!  First to come out was the card, some adorable holiday recipe cards and three tiny, handmade ornaments.  They looked origami-ish – very detailed and so small.  They look to have been hard to put together.


The box also contained some yummy candies, apple ornaments, some cupcake/muffin/candy liners (love these things!), and some heart-shaped cookie cutters that came in their own adorable tin.  Look at all my new goodies!


Oh, and check out this cutsie bear ornament.  A PIF from V, the bear-master, wouldn't be complete without a little something of her trademark. 🙂

Veronica, thank you so-so-so much for your sweet PIF!  I will be enjoying this for some time!  I'm sure you'll be seeing your gifts showing up randomly in my future blog posts.

Now, would you like to join in on the PIF?
* Now, for my turn to Pay-It-Forward…if you would like a PIF from me, please leave me a comment on this post saying you would like to participate in the PIF.
*All you have to do for the PIF is promise to Pay-It-Forward to three other people within one year of receiving your PIF package.  Brownie points if you blog about it. 🙂
*Anywho, I'll randomly select three names from the group of comments using one of those random number generators, so please comment before 9PM EST one week from today, which will be 12/9/08.  I'll announce the names once they are selected.

9 thoughts on “Pay It Forward – Holiday Style”

  1. That was great fun for me too… I'll be looking forward to Valentine cookie pics on here… lol…

    I'll send you the page address so you can give an origami ornament a try… can't leave it in a comment.. "html" thingy prevents me…

    the first one might be a bit tricky…but, I'm sure you will figure it out.. I love making them each year.. always somebody wants them once they see them. It is a fun way to re-use bits of wrapping papers….

    glad you enjoyed the little goodies and it is exciting that you have two takers already to PIF… that's great….


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