Thankful Thursday

So, I guess I've forgotten to do the last Thankful Thursday or so. New habits are hard to get into, aren't they?  Anywho, I'd like to post more, but I spent most of the night trying to figure out how to do the Satin-binding fleece blanket project from my Sew Simple magazine.  I expected to finish the whole thing tonight (it looked so deceptively simple in the mag), but I only got two edges done and it's just after midnight, I'm so ready for bed.

I do want to do my Thankful Thursday post, though.  When I realized I was due a TT post, the first thing that popped into my head for a topic was "craftiness."  I'm thankful for being "crafty."  I'm also thankful for my parents for encouraging my creativity and artistic nature from a young age.  If it weren't for them, who knows if I would be crafty at all!  My dad, the architect, especially, pushed me to try new art mediums and often signed me up for summer art classes doing pottery, drawing, and general art stuff.  I guess he wanted me to follow in his artistic footsteps, and though I'm not an architect, I do like to think that I got some of his artistic genes, which I channel through my jewelry biz and crafting here with you fine folks!

Did/Do you have any one special encourage your craftiness?

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  1. I like your little story Diana, it's always nice to hear a bit about your blogging buddies. Awhile back I did a blog challenge for people to tell me some interesting things about themselves, likes, dislikes etc. It would be great if you did it (if you want to).
    Lolly says Hi!!


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