Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Ok, so the title references a Christmas song, but it's a good one!  I know it's January. :)  You know what January means?  Cold weather!  January = cold weather.  Today is especially brisk with a starting temp of about 12 degrees F, which should move to a high of 29 degrees F, and hit 10 degrees F by tonight.  Yikes!  Us southerners are just not used to this kind of weather!

Picture 002 

I started today with a Grande Vanilla Non-fat Latte, since today is Starbucks Friday

Picture 007 

I seriously don't know how to dress for cold weather, so I just tried to bundle up as much as possible.  Today, I wore my extra-warm, long, wrap sweater.  It's a nice, chunky, Saxxon sweater from Brooks Brothers and it's 100% wool.  It's uber warm.

Picture 013 

I also wore my favorite cashmere scarf by Burberry.  It's the warmest one I own, so I made sure to put that on today.

Picture 003 

Here's my winter-y coat from Banana Republic.

Picture 005 

Here are my fuzzy boots, also from Banana Republic.  I think these were designed more for style than warmth, but I figured they'd be better than the sneakers I was planning to wear.

Picture 004 

And my #1 office must have – my heater.  I love my heater…especially on days like this!

How's the weather where you are?

5 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

  1. Diana, I love your cozy winter wear shots, especially the scarf and boots, very creative!! It is freezing here, so cold your nostrils freeze just stepping outside.

    I bet Bails loves the cold though with his thick Corgi coat!!

  2. I work in NYC & it's freezing here today. I'm in a warm office so that's good. Today for casual Friday (no clients or meetings today!) I wore my Ugg boots, dark denim Gap jeans, a black turtleneck and a long down coat. I commute from NJ to NY and let me tell you, it was brutal today!

  3. we are having some of the balmiest weather in all of Canada right here in normally frigid Calgary. There is a huge Siberian cold mass hanging over all but the two most western provinces…. we were +10C yesterday…. and will be above 0 for a few more days yet…. but, last year at the end of January…we had -31 C….. and that is a bone chiller…!!it can still happen Jan and February here….. so I ain't putting winter togs away anytime soon….


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