Blue Day Thursday

I've been meaning to participate in the impromptu color week challenge over at Burrow House all week, but keep forgetting.  Well, not today!  Today, I bring you Blue Day Thursday:


We took Bailey for a quick lunch-time walk.  Check out his blue leash.


The weather was lovely…a bit cold & windy, but the blue sky made up for it.


When we got back, I found some things to photograph around the kitchen to photograph, including this blue teacup and saucer.


Here's my blue Martha Stewart cast iron pot – we got this as a wedding gift from some family friends.


Here we have my blue peppermill – a treat I got for the kitchen last time I was at Anthropologie.


Here are a couple strands of blue beads from my blue bead stash.


Another look at those blue briolette beads.  Bails stands guard in the background.

Anywho, I had a great time taking photos of colorfully blue things today.  I'm hoping to remember to get a post together for tomorrow, too!

Check out the blue things over at Burrow House by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “Blue Day Thursday”

  1. That teacup is gorgeous!

    Oh, and not sure if anyone commented on the post after this one about the bolognese (sp?) and yogurt, but Fage Greek yogurt with honey or strawberries is my favorite.


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