Pizza at Kate + Nate’s

We had plans to hang out with some friends tonight and were in charge of bringing a Caesar salad.

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We got all the groceries for the salad last night at Earthfare – Drew’s Caesar dressing, parmigiano reggiano, romaine lettuce, and Chatham Village Caesar Traditional Cut Croutons. I wasn’t sure if people would want the salad pre-mixed like they do at restaurants, so I did one bowl with all the ingredients mixed together and one bowl with plain lettuce and got the other ingredients packed up to take with us.


We went over to Kate + Nate’s tonight for pizza and planned to see Slumdog Millionaire as a group after the food festivities. We never made it to the movie, but we did have a blast hanging out with friends.


Of course, there was plenty of pizza.


But we had lots of healthy options, too. We had both of my salads – the plan and pre-prepared (I think I went a little overkill with the salads)…


…and Kath’s spinach salad. You can’t quite see at first glance, but besides the obvious yummy spinach and cherry tomoatoes, the salad also had dried cranberries, walnuts, and cheese…not sure what kind…maybe feta? Either way…yum!


I had a glass of red wine, a piece of chicken artichoke pizza and 2 nice portions of the salads to start.


The salad really helped fill me up. I only went back for 1 more piece of pizza (cheese), though I usually eat around 3. It’s a lot, but I love pizza!


We ate in a large circle with a nice fire going in the background.


A view of the kitchen/food area. I love the red pops of color in the lampshade and flowers (though the flowers may actually be “orange” – still like the color, though).


Michelle brought dessert – a yummy banana cream pudding. I liked how she used the Pepperidge Farm Chessmen cookies.


I had a nice-sized portion along with 3 fresh strawberries. What a sweet way to end the meal – dessert was delish!

Thanks for the fun time guys!

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