The Great Crochet Distraction

I started working on a gift for a good friend of mine on Saturday.  I'm making baby booties for an upcoming baby shower.  I'm making them with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.  They are going to be special booties…you'll see. 


See Bailey in the background playing it cool…uninterested…totally not paying attention to what I'm doing?


This is him about 5 minutes later.  He starts at the opposite end of the couch and inches his way over.  Eventually he ends up in my lap completely blocking me from my pattern and from being able to work on my project.  He is such a goober!

6 thoughts on “The Great Crochet Distraction”

  1. Glad to see your needlework again. I love your knitting posts.
    How do you have time to do so much? 🙂 The booties look adorable. I have a cat that does the same thing as Bailey when I'm knitting ! Have a great week. Thanks for such great posts. I enjoy them so much !

  2. LOL – that is so cute of him. I couldn't do that with my two parrots. They'd tear apart or poop on my book, magazine or whatever I'm working on. Now when I had my dog, he'd "do the Bailey" and cuddle on my lap. I just love that!


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