Busy Day, Making Way

I have tomorrow off (except for 1 conference call), so I tried to get as many errands out of the way today as possible to, hopefully, make way for some crafting time.

Completed today:

  • 2 loads of laundry (that’s what I get for waiting so long to do it!)
  • grocery shopping
  • swap shopping (I got your goodies Kate!)
  • cleaned out fridge (w/ hubby)
  • cleaned out freezer (w/ hubby)
  • picked up around bedroom
  • picked up around living room
  • brought out new glassware
  • packed up old glassware
  • target shopping (finished new bathroom decor shopping)
  • signed up for Body + Soul subscription
  • Read next chapter of Small Changes, Big Results

Here are some photos from my bathroom decor:


I got this shower curtain and liner a couple weeks ago, but didn’t want to put them up without the matching bath rug (silly, no?).


Today, I bought a matching bath rug (let’s see how long this white lasts) and some new curtain rings. I had the same plastic, cheap-o ones from college for the longest time. They were so hard to take on and off that I was done with the frustration and ready to invest in some new ones.


I didn’t go all out, but these small changes should give the room a whole new look. I said I would wait till we had a house to get anything, but I can’t wait any longer!


Check out the cute crochet detailing on the rug.


The new bathroom. Hard to get a good picture in here, but you get the idea.


And lookie what I finally found – Barney Butter! I got the crunchy kind. Kath told me awhile back you could only get this stuff at the Fresh Market, but since it was on the other side of town, I tried checking the grocery stores I usually frequented. Well, 6 stores later (including 1 Fresh Market in a different part of town!), I finally found the Barney Butter right where she said it would be. Can’t wait to dig in!

3 thoughts on “Busy Day, Making Way”

  1. I love the organic look with a touch of sparkle in the hooks…nice job. 🙂 I know why I am so drawn to this blog, I find a lot in common with your style,etc.

    Looks great!


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