SCBR – Week 3 Changes

I feel like I’m doing a decent job keeping up with each week’s changes, but I am not following it 100% (mostly because I forget to do something one day, etc.). I am pretty good with the healthy pantry requirement from the previous 2 weeks, and I’ve managed to work out (usually walking) at least 3 times a week. That wellness part gets me every time! I need to remember to do that part better.

Changes for Week 3:

  1. Eat three small meals and one or two snacks daily.
  2. Add stretching to your walking regimen.
  3. Learn how to manage time according to your priorities.

I think I already do #1 fairly decently. Stretching used to be one of my favorite parts of an exercise…guess I didn’t think you needed to do it for just walking, but it’s probably helpful to do all the time, no? Ahh…the dreaded #3. I am always trying to work on this one, but it seems to elude me. Maybe Ellie will offer some great tips that will help me?

Week 3….here we go!

1 thought on “SCBR – Week 3 Changes”

  1. Stretching is good on a daily basis… keeps all the muscles limber. In massage we always said… "a long muscle is a strong muscle". Long, strong musculature resists injury…. short, tight muscles are already at risk. They are the first to get injured when used or pushed that wee bit extra… they have a limited range of motion and are usually pretty weak.

    Cats have the idea. They do a ton of stretching…and look how long and lean and muscular they are….I bet they never get a hamstring injury…lol…. I wish I was long and lean…. but, I'd need a daily stretch on the rack….


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