First Organic Produce Delivery is Here!

Hubby called around 11am to tell me that our first organic produce delivery was here! I was so excited and couldn’t wait to get home to check out all the goodies. I photographed them while cooking dinner, which was a bit more of a multi-tasking feat than I anticipated.


Collard Greens


CG up close. These are some of the best CG I’ve seen…ever! Usually they are all spotted and the leaves have lots of brownish holes. These were all green!


Juicy-looking tangerines.


Crisp-looking pears.


Green bananas…gonna have to wait to eat these. I hear you can put them in a bag to make them ripen faster.


Red onions. These will be a challenge. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually purchased red onions, but I do have some good brain-storms running on how to cook/eat these.


Grape tomatoes


Sweet potatoes – love these!


Gotta work on getting hubby to love these, too. Maybe one day?


Celery. Can I add that when I took these out of the plastic bag to get a better look, they smelled soooo vibrant! I mean, from far away, you could really smell the celery…I think that’s a good thing? They looked great and green.


Green leaf lettuce. It’s so curly! I usually use iceberg, romaine, or spinach in my salads…this will be fun to play with!


Pink Lady apples – can’t wait to dig into one of these! I loooove apples!

The produce even came with some nifty produce storage instructions – what to do when you get them, how to store them, how long they last, etc.

I have to say, so far, I’m pretty impressed. Everything looks great! Time to get cooking/eating!

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