Quotes of the Day – 2/6/09

Whilst browsing the web this AM, I stumbed upon a great post over at Hangry Pants about lots of subjects, including a bit on yoga.  Heather talked about doing an audio yoga and how at one point, she was supposed to do a head stand during the class.  She said the instructor talked about how people say, "Oh I don't do that", which is what she was thinking and exactly what I think!  I hate headstands.  I never do them in yoga class.  I never do them.  Period.  (Did I just end that sentence with, basically, 3 periods?)  I like handstands…I would venture to say I love handstands, but headstands…not so much.

You know what the yoga instructor said about the whole no-headstand thing?  He asked, "Why set limits?"  It's a great question and an even better quote…one I think I will write down for inspiration.

The quote reminded me of one of my all-time faves, which goes, "What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?"  I love this quote because it really makes me think and puts things in perspective.  I wonder what I hold back from trying for fear of failure.  What do you think you would try to do if you knew you would succeed? 

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  1. Hi Diana – Thanks for the birthday wishes! This question always kills me. It's basically asking what do you want to do most in life that you aren't doing now. This may sound silly, but I think I'd sing! I took voice lessons in high school and still LOVE to sing along to my iPod or in the shower, but I never attempted to join a band or sing at open mics. It's sort of like my "I want to be an astronaut when I grow up" dream. 🙂


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