SCBR Week 1/Day 6 Food/Exercise Journal

8:00 am – Coffee – Awake


I had my Fresh Market Breakfast Blend coffee with sugar and 2% milk, as usual. I’d like to switch up the coffee routine, but this stuff is so darn good! It really hits the spot in the AM.

9:30 am – Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal – Satisfied



I’ve been craving pumpkin oats all week, but since hubby couldn’t find canned pumpkin and I haven’t had the chance to go to the store, it will have to wait. My breakfast needed a change of pace so I made Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal with walnuts. In the bowl: 1-minute quick cooking oats, water, 2% milk, brown sugar, flax seed – all topped with walnuts and maple syrup. Yum! The walnuts were an awesome addition and I hear, according to this article, they can possibly improve your mood due to the omega-3 fats.

12:30 pm – Egg Drop Soup + Chicken Terriyaki – Satisfied



I went with a couple co-workers to a local Asian restaurant. Since it was so chilly outside, I started my meal with a cup of egg drop soup and a handful of those yummy wonton crisps. I also had a big cup of water with my meal.


I had chicken terriyaki for my lunch entree. It was quite good. I liked how the terriyaki sauce was light and sweet. It wasn’t all gooped on like some places can serve the dish.


I did my best, but could only finish a little more than half of the dish. When I started filling up, I focused on my faves: the broccoli and chicken. Yum! I had brown rice with the dish, but only ate a little since there was so much food there.

3:00 pm – Ramon’s Snack – ?


I’ve been working closely with 2 other co-workers on this one project for work, and we’ve basically been stuck in the same conference room for the last week or so. They’ve been getting a good kick out of my taking pictures of my food. They pretty much laugh every time the camera comes out. Today, Ramon asked me to share his snack with you – turkey on a grainy cracker. Looks pretty good, no?

3:30 pm – Wallaby + Water – Satisfied


Around 3:30-ish, I started to get hungry again, so I grabbed a vanilla Wallaby yogurt from the fridge. I always feel a bit odd at eating/consuming vanilla-anything. It seems so simple and basic that it makes me think I should get a little more crazy with the flavor. Still, sometimes the most basic foods/drinks are, I think, the best. I love a good vanilla latte. Anywho, I think the yogurt would have been better with a little granola added to the mix. I also had a big cup (about 16 ounces) of water with my snack.

Thank goodness I got a small journal because if I didn’t carry it around every where and note things as I ate them, I would probably never remember. I mean, I’d have the photos, but the times, etc would escape me.

4:30 pm – Chocolate Chip Granola Bar – Satisfied



My co-workers agreed, thankfully, that we could take off around 4:30PM, which meant I could make it to a Friday work-out class I love. I downed a quick Quaker chewy granola bar in Chocolate Chip for some extra energy. I love these things. I’ve basically grown up eating these. I still love them, but I also like exploring all the new options that have become available lately.

5:45 pm – Dance Out Work Out – Exhausted but Happy

I haven’t made it to one of my fave workout classes since December. The class is called a Dance Out, which means we basically do dance moves to upbeat music. The class has a zumba/latin twist to it since the main instructor used to teach solely Zumba for awhile. I have such a great time, I usually don’t feel like I’m even working out, but I definitely felt some burning today. We did 3 songs where we had to do various squats and my legs are feeling the burn…still. I normally hate doing the squats and try to go only as low as necessary, which is normally a little higher than everyone else. I feel like if I go as low as possible, I won’t have the strength to finish class. But, today I remembered the quote from earlier and tried to go as low as the instructors. Phew!

My fave songs/dances from tonight’s class were:

There were some great Latin songs, too, but I can’t remember their names.

I had a great, hour-long workout and I’m so happy I went. I stretched for 15 minutes when I got home. Isn’t stretching the best? I’m not as flexible as I used to be, but I’m hoping if I get back into yoga, it will help.

8:00 pm – Scrambled Eggs + Tater Tots – Satisfied


I was so tired after class, I didn’t feel like cooking. Luckily, for once, hubby was up to the challenge and made some scrambled eggs and tater tots. He underestimates his cooking skills and thinks he can only make basic things, but I still enjoyed our breakfast-for-dinner. I had a tiny glass of OJ with dinner. We had another carton, but when I went to open it, I realized it was leaking near the top. Yuck!

9:30 pm – Tangerine – Satisfied



We had a tangerine to help get a fruit serving since there was no veggie with tonight’s dinner. These tangerines are so plump and juicy. They really are just delicious! I ate most of this one – hubby had about 3 pieces.

I’m off to go finish watching Pearl Harbor with hubby.

Who’s ready for the weekend?!

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