SCBR – Week 2 Changes

After reviewing Small Changes Big Results (SCBR) for week 1 to see how I did, I realized that I totally focused on nutrition and fitness and forgot about the well-being part. I also intended to show my “Healthy Pantry” since that was one of week 1’s three items, but maybe I can make both misses up this week? Better late than never, right?

As for things I did right, I did manage to work out 4 times (woohoo!) and ate lots of healthy meals and snacks. Go me!

Here’s week 2’s changes:

  1. Learn to identify – intuitively – when you are truly hungry, and stop yourself from overeating.
  2. Get your 3-times-a-week walking program “up to speed.”
  3. Consider the concept of mindfulness, and begin to be mindful in all aspect of your life.

I need to read this chapter before getting started. First, to work on the new food challenge for this week!

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