SCBR Week 2/Day 3 Food/Exercise Journal

I managed to finish my blog post slightly earlier than normal last night, so I kicked hubby out of the bedroom (he was on the laptop at watching TV) so I could have some quiet time. I turned off the TV and grabbed my Body + Soul mag and read for about 20-30 minutes. I’m working on having no-TV-reading time before going to bed. When I was done reading, I turned off the lights and worked on my 5-minute breathing exercise (which I was supposed to do last week). I don’t know if I did it for exactly 5 minutes because I wasn’t really timing it, but I seemed to get to sleep ok so I guess it worked.

8:30 am – BB Coffee – Awake


I somehow managed to turn my alarm clock off after it went off, and I slept in till 8 am. I had my usual Breakfast Blend with sugar and 2% milk. I’m getting interested in getting a new flavor soon, so hopefully I’ll have a chance to swing by the Fresh Market to pick a new one out.

I felt about the same as yesterday, so at least I’m not getting worse, right?

12:30 pm – Chix + Veggie Soup Plus Gatorade – Satisfied

I packed ingredients to make a brown sugar-banana-walnut oatmeal, but I’ve been talking to my co-worker about feeling bad lately and she suggested I try fasting. I’m not good at fasting. I don’t do well being hungry, but not eating today was surprisingly easy. Perhaps something really is up with my stomach? I normally like to make sure I have lots of snacks around so I can eat when I get hungry, but today, I tried to keep myself eating as little as possible. The eats list will be a short one today.


Around lunch, I stepped out to get gas and some groceries and soup. At the gas station, I picked up a huge gatorade, which my co-worker said would be good to drink because of the electrolytes. I guess they’re good when you’re feeling under the weather? I normally like to research these types of things, but I figured gatorade was easy enough to drink. I ended up having about 3/4 of this bottle over the day.


I also had some chicken + veggie soup – same kind as yesterday. At $1.99, it’s hard to beat.

1:30 pm – Echinacea Tea – Satisfied


I’m hoping this echinacea stuff will kick in soon and help me feel better. It tastes pretty good either way.


Yogi quote of the day – “Understanding is found through compassion.”

6:30 pm – OG-Style Capellini Pomodoro + Toast – A Little Overfull


Instead of going straight home, I ran some errands that brought me near a local bakery that I don’t usually frequent because their hours are so short (they close at 5pm weekdays). Since I was already passing the place, even though I should probably be eating healthful foods only, I picked up a couple treats for hubby and me. We are infatuated with their donuts and other baked goodies. I figured a snack would be good for my spirit and hubby also likes a sweet treat here and there. I got myself a chocolate glazed donut and a cherry danish for hubby.


I guess he was thinking of me, too, because I came home to some pretty flowers, which I immediately added to some water. Aren’t they pretty?


I actually do think I could have fasted through dinner, but I really didn’t want to, so I made something I thought would be easy to digest and something vegetarian. I made Olive Garden-style Capellini Pomodoro (click for recipe).


I also had a piece of Great Harvest Bread Company toast with some real butter (one slice is for me, one for hubby) and some water.

7:30 pm – Chocolate Glazed Donut – Satisfied


Shortly after dinner, I dove into my chocolate-glazed donut. It was so good! I normally like to just get the bakery’s glazed donuts, but the place was pretty cleared out by the time I got there, so this was the very last donut they had. It may not be my “usual”, but it certainly hit the spot. Yum! I wish I had another one! lol

8:45 pm – Pear – Satisfied


The pear I had last night made me feel a lot better, so I’m going to eat another one tonight. I went ahead and filled in that I would feel satisfied after eating it because I’m nearly 100% certain I will.

I’m off to enjoy my pear and try to get to bed early. G’night!

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