SCBR Week 2/Day 5 Food/Exercise Journal (With V-day Dinner)

8:15 am – Coffee + Perfect 10 Bagel – Satisfied + Awake


I had my fave breakfast coffee – Fresh Market breakfast blend with sugar and 2% milk…


…and I couldn’t wait to dig into one of those Perfect 10 Western Bagels I got from my swap. These guys were really good – kinda soft, lightly toasted, and really “airy”. They tasted great with about 1 tsp of butter – a great way to start the day!

10:00 am – Pomegranate White Tea – Satisfied


I couldn’t wait to dig into one of the teas from the swap! This tea is soooo much better than the pomegranate green tea I have. A shame I can’t buy this around here! The taste was fruity, light, and refreshing and brightened my morning at the office.

1:15 pm – Capellini Pomodoro + GHBC Bread – Satisfied


For lunch, I heated up some of that leftover capellini pomodoro from the other night. It heated up really nicely (especially with some extra parm-regg on top for that yummy, salty bite). I only wish I had some more fresh basil to top this puppy off.


I also had a slice of GHBC bread. I only wish we had a toaster in the office because it would have been so much better toasted with this lunch (IMO)! I also had some water with lunch and watched Food TV on HD on the break room TV – caught the last half of 30 Minute Meals and some of Barefoot Contessa. If I had just eaten a little later, I could have caught Healthy Appetite!

Wow, this is one carb-alicious day so far! It’s all good…I love my carbs!

2:30 pm – Chocolate Tea – Satisfied



I also dug into the chocolate tea I got from my swap. I had no clue how this tea would taste, but it reminded me a lot of the Mate Vana I drink from Teavana….smooth and rich (rich for a tea of course). Very good!

3:00 pm – Tahitian Gold Mix – Satisfied


I started feeling snack-y after my tea, so I grabbed a quick handfull of some Tahitian Gold I had stashed away in my desk. The crunchy walnuts and sweet dried fruits really hit the spot.

8:30 pm – Early V-Day Dinner – Stuffed!


Hubby took me out tonight for an early Valentine’s Day dinner to a local restaurant Villa Antonio. I didn’t even know he was planning all this till he called me earlier today to brainstorm where I wanted to go.


We started the meal off with one of my favorite parts – the bread! In the silver dish was some olive oil and balsamic vinegar…yum! I had about 1 1/2 pieces over the night.


Hubby asked if the waiters were featuring any wines and after they showed us 3 options, hubby picked the Red Rock bottle of merlot.


Hubby decided to do the Restaurant Week special, which was over in January but extended in some locations. He got 3 courses for $30…a steal, no? For his first course, he got calamari.


I had 2 pieces of his calamari – the sauces paired very well with it.


I ordered off the menu and got a Caesar salad to start. They mixed it together table-side.


My salad – sans anchovies – yum! The lettuce was crisp, the dressing was creamy, and the croutons (which I think were made from the same bread served with the oil/vinegar) were crunchy. Great salad!


I’d like to say I had one glass of wine, but the waiters did that thing where they refill your glass throughout the night, so I’m not sure how many I had. I’m not a big drinker, and I drink slow, so I think I had about 1-2, but most likely 1 1/2.


After the app and salad, they brought out some mango sorbet, which they drizzled with champagne. Mmm…great palette cleanser!


The entrees came out covered in silver and the waiter uncovered both our dishes at the same time.


I had the veal saltimbocca.


Hubby had the rib-eye with a red wine sauce. Both came with potatoes and green beans and cherry tomatoes.


As you can see, I rather enjoyed mine.


But, the night wasn’t over yet. No, far from it! Next, they brought out their dessert bar, which they rolled out on huge cart. You guys know dessert is my fave part of the meal!


Hubby got the tiramisu, which wrapped up the third course of his meal. He, of course, let me have a couple bites.





I had bananas foster – one of my fave desserts. The bananas were cooked in liquor and sugar, flambed, and served over ice cream with chocolate sauce in a pie-crust-like bowl. The candied syrup dripped over the “bowl”, which only made it extra tasty. After the bananas were gone and the ice cream eaten or melted away, I broke off tiny bites from the edges of the bowl, and boy were they good! They were sweet and sticky, almost like peanut brittle (but without the peanutty taste). Given enough time, I think I could have eaten the whole thing, but even though I was already starting to feel overly full, I tried to stop myself from eating too-too much. Oh and see the thing sticking out of the bowl that looks like a treble clef (wow, I do remember something from all those piano lessons when I was a kid!) – that’s edible, too!

We had a great time at dinner. If anyone lives in the area, they should definitely check this place out. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was cozy, and the service was impeccable. This place would make a great restaurant for a romantic date or even business dinner (or lunch). We’ll definitely be back!

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