SCBR Week 2/Day 6 Food/Exercise Journal

8:00 am – Bagel + Coffee – Awake and Satisfied


I started today more awake than normal and with my usual FM Breakfast Blend with sugar and 2% milk.


I also had a Perfect 10 Western Bagel from the swap – I think I like this better with cream cheese. I used about 1 tbsp. I don’t like a lot of cream cheese on my bagels (nor mayo on my sammies…something about a big bite of creamy goo turns my stomach, but a little is quite tasty).


What a great way to start a Friday?!

9:30 am – Starbucks Friday – More Awake and Satisfied


Today was my Starbucks Friday (my little way to spend less on coffee since I’m watching my expenses), so I got a Grande Hazelnut Nonfat Latte. I started drinking the nonfat lattes because I couldn’t taste much difference in the milk and I figured if it tasted about the same, I may as well choose the healthier option.

12:30 pm – Soup + Crackers – Satisfied


For lunch, I picked up one of those $1.99 soups from a local grocery store. I got Tomato Vegetable and it was great with a hint of heat (as in spiciness).


I also picked up some Kashi 7 Grain crackers at the store and had 15 (one serving size). I’m normally not this anal with portions, but I’m trying to get a good handle on how much portions are/should be.


I had a big glass of water with lunch, but it was still pretty light and left me a wee bit hungry.

1:30 pm – Wallaby + Almonds + Crackers – Satisfied


Shortly after lunch, I was noticing that I was still pretty hungry, so I grabbed a yogurt from the fridge along with a small handfull of salted almonds. Wish I had some more wheat germ on hand!


I also had 5 more Kashi crackers to tide me through our big meeting today, which was scheduled to last 2 hours.

4:00 pm – More Crackers + Luna Tea Cake – Satisfied


After the meeting, I was still craving food, so I had 5 more Kashi crackers.


Since I was planning on going to my DanceOut class after work, I decided to add another snack to the mix and had a carbalicious, low-protein (at least compared to the other bars in my stash) Luna Tea Cake in Berry Pomegranate.


The bar was delicious! It reminded me a lot of a muffin or scone. It kinda tasted like a nutragrain bar, but without the jelly-like filling. The icing on top was a nice touch. I liked the chewy pieces of dried fruit, too, and the size was nice and small. I will definitely be getting more of these.

6:00 pm – Walking the Dog – Energized

After our meeting today, the whole office was gathering at a local restaurant for drinks. As much as I wanted to join in on the festivities, I really wanted to make my DanceOut class. I should have left straight from the office to go home, but I wanted to be social, so I headed over to hang out with every one. I had an interesting interaction with the bartender when I sat down at the bar with my co-workers. It went something like this:

Bartender: Hi, May I get you a drink?
Me: No thanks, I’m not drinking.
Bartender: Oh…would you like a glass of wine?
Me: No thanks.

Since when did “I’m not drinking” mean “I want wine”? lol. I thought that was pretty funny. Anywho, I stayed for about 30 minutes chit-chating and stayed too long. I missed class by a mere 5 or 10 minutes. I could have frantically changed and sped over, but I would have been late and I hate to be late for things. Not to mention I’d be stuck in the back of the class where I couldn’t see what was going on.


Hubby and I made the best of it and took a long walk with Bailey – about 45 minutes. I have 1 more work-out I need to complete tomorrow to round out my week, so I’ll have to come up with something good to make up for my slack-ass-ness tonight. lol.

7:45 pm – Panera Soup + Salad – Satisfied


As we walked home during our exercise, hubby talked me into going to Panera for dinner. I think he just wanted us to go there to delay the inevitable, which is me making sweet potato fries. Hubby says he doesn’t like sweet potatoes, but he did admit to liking sweet potato casserole, so there’s still a chance!

I got a sample of the French Onion soup at Panera and decided to get that for dinner.


I also had a small glass of ice water with dinner.


For my meal, I got the You Pick Two (I like variety in my eats) with the French Onion soup, which was quite good but a bit on the salty side.


I also got the Fuji Apple Chicken salad. Fuji apples used to be my fave till I fell in love with Gala.


I also got a piece of white baguette, which I shared with hubby. I’ve been trying to get myself to eat the wheat, but the white version here is so much better. The texture just isn’t right to me in the whole wheat version. I think I’d like the whole wheat version if it were just a “roll” and not “baguette.” With baguettes, I expect the hard crust and soft inside, which is hard to do with wheat, ya know?

I ended up eating most of the salad (left some for hubby) and half the soup (hubby didn’t want the soup). Everything was good, but it was just too much food. Good thing hubby was there to help!

9:00 pm – Soy Hot Cocoa + Pecan Twist – Satisfied


Hubby likes to claim that I am the bad influence with the sweets, but I think it is him. He talked me into getting this pecan twist from Panera to take to Barnes & Noble where we could read magazines. We first stopped by Dick’s Sporting Goods where I almost bought new sneakers and a pedometer, but hubby said I should wait. Since I’m trying to be responsible with my money, I think this is fair…but I’m probably going to buy them both sooner or later anyways. I haven’t gotten new sneakers in about 4 or 5 years!

After Dick’s, we made our way to Barnes & Noble where we perused magazines and hubby studied. I ate about 3/4 of this pecan twist, which was quite good, though I think it had cinnamon in it (I’m allergic, but not too badly).


I also got a soy hot cocoa. Love these things! I ordered a kid’s but got a tall, so I couldn’t quite finish it.

It was everything I could do to not buy all the magazines I liked tonight. I love books and I love magazines and I find it hard to resist either. Since I’ve been trying to de-clutter, though, I’m seeing a trend…well, two, really:

  1. I have piles of old magazines that may or may contain useful information but are starting to take up too much space.
  2. I have more magazines than I have time to read them. I need to work on finishing reading magazines before buying new ones, otherwise, they lose their original purpose.

I’d also like to work on clipping useful articles, photos, and recipes from magazines rather than keeping everything. Anywho, I still have to finish reading the magazines I already got last month, so I ended up only buying 1 new magazine, rather than the 3 or 4 I was eyeing. This isn’t a big deal to most people reading right now, but it’s a step in the right direction for me, and I’m proud. 🙂

Lots to do tomorrow:

  • Make dessert for a Valentine’s Potluck Party
  • Special surprise for hubby
  • Grocery shopping
  • Cook what we were supposed to eat tonight for lunch tomorrow
  • Exercise – something good – maybe skating or yoga?
  • Attend V-day Potluck Party (fun times!)

Guess I better hit the sack and rest up! Gnight!

5 thoughts on “SCBR Week 2/Day 6 Food/Exercise Journal”

  1. whoa….I was so glad to see you finally have some veggies and some protein…but, so late in the day. You should try some protein first thing in the morning..for energy and stamina. Egg whites … a piece of whole grain toast with a smear of peanut butter or a chunk of cheese or something… it will jump start your metabolism….

    You can eat a bathtub full of veggies and be much healthier and also actually eat far less calories than eating so little nutrition like you did… this can't be good for you …. Store bought soups…ick…. wayyyyy toooooo saltyyyyyy … and crackers.. only salt and carbs there too…. I'm waiting to see protein, veggies, and whole grains…. and plenty of plain old water…and some milk for calcium for your bones…… okay.. off my soapbox now. lol… I'm just sayin'…….

  2. Hey V,

    I appreciate you getting on your soap box because you bring up some great points. You know I normally email back to comments, but I figured I'd respond here in case any one else was interested.

    Firstly, your comment reminds me about what I've been noticing since keeping my food journal – I don't really know how to eat…not nearly as well as I thought I did, at least. I think you learn these things at some point in your life and some people forget these lessons earlier than others. I am a forgetful one, I guess, because I haven't been trying to eat protein at breakfast…just healthier foods and just breakfast most days since I've spent a long time skipping that meal more than I should.

    I checked the label on the bagels and it turns out they have 18 g of protein, but it wasn't like I consciously tried to eat protein. Oops!

    The soup is from a local healthfood type grocery store called The Home Economist. They make their soups from scratch and they usually use organic and good for you ingredients, though they didn't post an ingredient list, so I can't say for sure. I figured it was healthier than other options…I almost went to chick-fil-a for lunch (think fried chicken and french fries).

    The crackers are Kashi so supposedly have whole grains in them, but I can't tell if that's their marketing or if it's true.

    Anywho, I am encouraged to continue to learn how to eat. I really want to learn more about portions, which ones you need, how much to consume, when to eat them, etc.

    I've gotten a bunch of books on healthy eating, so I'm going to continue to work on learning more about foods and eating, so in the meantime, let me know if you see anything else I'm doing wrong.

    Too bad there's not a "food school" out there where people can go to learn more about eating, ya know?


  3. me again… hey….I need to keep a weather eye out for some of those bagels! I couldn't believe it when you said how many grams of protein.. What's in them… a nut flour or something? anyway… good on ya for those babies.

    hope I didn't offend… I just re-read my comment and it does sound a bit… erm… bossy… at the least. That's me… a bossy old know-it-all…. been interested in nutrition for a lot of years as I used to be overweight in my early adult years. Haven't changed in weight though for for about 40 years… up a pound or two in the winter and down in the summer… because I am outside all the time and busy-er…

    Pportions are a strange thing. I think we learn a lot from our surroundings as kids. We were pretty poor…and there was never enough our portions were pretty tiny. I often say though, that the least amount we think we need is still usually too much.

    It's a good thing to be interested in what we are putting into our bodies…

  4. Protein doesn't jumpstart your metabolism – it rebuilds and repairs. And you don't need to worry about salt unless you have high blood pressure! Eat up those crackers girl – your brain needs the glucose.




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