Golden Gate Bridge Visit

One of the other tourist-y things I wanted to do whilst in San Francisco was to take pictures at the Golden Gate Bridge. Luckily, we were crossing right over it on our way to wine country.


After leaving breakfast, we drove down some hilly roads and were on the Golden Gate Bridge before I knew it. Seriously…I was distracted (looking in my purse or something) when my friend announced we were (already) on the GG Bridge, and I quickly grabbed my camera to snap a couple shots.


We stopped at the vantage point on the opposite side where my friend said it was less busy.


There were tons of people taking pictures.


I got a nice photo of the bay. Look at the boats! They look like toys!


We took a ton of photos…a couple group shots…


…and a couple solo. It was super cold and very windy out there!


It was so cool to see the GG Bridge in person, but we were ready for some vino!

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