Greasy Spoon Breakfast Pre-Wine Country

We’re at Saturday of my San Fran trip, which would be last Saturday…I know…I’m so behind! Anywho, my friend wanted to take me to a creperie for breakfast, but after sleeping in and driving in circles to find parking, we hit up the creperie only to find the place was packed!


We decided to go to a (what my friend called) “greasy spoon” for some good ole’ diner food instead and hit up Cafe Rain Tree.


We started out with some nice, hot coffee.


The place was a bit chilly inside, so we held on to our coffee cups for extra warmth.


I got banana pancakes, bacon, and 2 fried eggs (over medium).


My friend got some sort of omelet or scramble…I wish I knew more exactly but I ate so much food over my SF trip, I can barely remember what I ate! lol

The restaurant wasn’t fancy and didn’t seem to have any over-the-top unique offerings, but was good for what it was – nice, simple food, fresh off the griddle. Our waitress was pretty friendly, too, and everything came out quite promptly. Breakfast hit the spot and filled us up nicely for our trip to wine-country. I thought the pancakes were pretty good and you can’t hardly go wrong with fried eggs and bacon (though I have had one or two bad experiences with both in the past).


After a simple yet satisfying breakfast, we were ready for a roadtrip. It was on to wine country! Here’s a photo I took as we were driving down a hill…you can’t quite tell from the photo, but this hill was really steep! And check out those hills in the background!

Wine country was just a two-ish hour drive away, but first, we had a quick stop to make.

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  1. I just love breakfast in the US. My husband thought it was his favourite meal once we got over all the choices! We ate in a diner like that in Bakersfield when we were there in 2007, it was yum.


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