Fresh Breakfast for Dinner

I’m still behind on posts thanks to the massive amount of photos I took whilst on my SF trip, so I apologize for things being a bit out of order. I’m starting SCBR back up next week and have some food posts to share in the meantime.

Here are some photos from a Breakfast for Dinner meal we had earlier this week:


Awhile back, I bought some canadian bacon from Trader Joe’s with grand plans to eat the CB for breakfast and dinner a couple times. My SF trip threw things off a bit and I realized the other day that my CB was about to expire! I quickly decided on breakfast for dinner and whipped this meal up using ingredients we had around the house.

We had a piece of Great Harvest Dakota bread toasted with butter, some skillet home fries (based loosely on this recipe by Bobby Flay) using 2 home-delivered, organic, yukon gold potatoes, an egg scramble using onions and a home-delivered, organic roma tomato with some spices, and of course some canadian bacon.


I also picked up mini cinnamon rolls – 1 for me, 1 for hubby – when I got my bread at GHBC. So good and just the right size!


I had water with dinner but had to have milk to go with that delicious cinnamon roll!


Check out the friendly visitor we’ve had on our porch for the past couple weeks. I can’t even throw this dead plant thingy away because the birdies have made it their home! Guess we’ll have some peeping birdlettes soon, eh?

3 thoughts on “Fresh Breakfast for Dinner”

  1. hahaha, you are going to have your dead plant for awhile. I kept a dead tree around in our front yard for years because the nesting birds would beat me to it every spring. I couldn't make them move either! 🙂

    Plus, I had a creepy old tree every Halloween so that worked out too.

  2. Aww, the picture of the bird in the hanging planter is so cute. I've really enjoyed all the photos you've been posting from your SF trip. Thanks for sharing! Oh, and the cinnamon roll does look good!


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