TJ’s White Bean Hummus + Tandoori Naan

Another set of samples I bought under the Trader Joe’s Effect included some wine, naan, and hummus.


I was grocery shopping at TJ’s during the last couple days of March, which meant we were basically out of food budget money for the money. I was there to pick up essentials only and of course managed to fall in love with the tandoori naan and white bean hummus sample they had on hand that day. As much as I wanted to pick up both the hummus and naan right then and there, I made myself wait a long couple days till April hit.


On April 1st, I was so excited about picking up my new food goodies and headed straight to TJ’s after work.


It’s really the white bean hummus that gives the combo the excellent flavor. The taste of the naan is rather unnoticeable compared to the rich, yummy flavors of the white bean hummus.


The naan has a nice buttery texture that I find really appealing paired with the creamy hummus.


Sucker that I am for TJ’s samples, I also ended up coming home with another bottle of wine – La Boca Chardonnay, which seemed like a good deal for $3.99 (or however much it was) price tag. I enjoyed the 3 of these pre-dinner earlier this past week – such a great snack!

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