SCBR Week 8/ Day 6 Food/Exercise Journal

7:30 am – Coffee – Content (5)


More FM Spring Blend to enjoy Friday AM. FM has the best coffees!

10:30 am – Grande Vanilla Soy Latte + Yogurt – Content (5)


Although Friday is normally my Bagel Day of the week, I opted for another Starbucks instead since I knew I’d be missing zumba after work for a 6pm conference call. I got my new usual – Grande Vanilla Soy Latte.


I had plans to eat out for lunch, so I opted a lighter breakfast – Wallaby organic yogurt in Blueberry with a bit of Fresh Market Cherry Vanilla granola.

12:30 pm – Hot Dog Lunch – Full (7)

No lunch pictures! I had lunch with two previous co-workers of mine and wasn’t up to taking pictures in front of them. I can tell you we hit up a local hot dog joint where I had a grilled hot dog with mustard on a poppy seed hot dog bun with fresh cut french fries, and a coke. I ate the whole hot dog, about 1/2 the french fries (with a bit of ketchup), and only about 1/4 of the coke…the cup was HUGE!

7:00 pm – Nate’s B-day Party! – First Signs of Feeling Full (6)


I left work a couple minutes before 6, got in my car, dialed into my conference call, and headed home to pick up hubby. While still on the conference call, hubby drove us to Nate + Kate’s house for Nate’s Spongebob-themed b-day party. My conference ended shortly after we pulled in front of their house…phew!


Everything was so cute – very Spongebob Squarepants-themed!


Snacks galore! I thought this bucket of goldfish was such a super cute idea!


Tropical goodness.


More Spongebob goodness.


I started with a glass of 3-buck Chuck – a welcome end to a long day of work.


Gilbert (click here for bio) made an appearance a couple times throughout the night. He’s such a cutie! Don’t tell Bails I said that…hehe.




Yellow flowers to go with the theme.


We headed outside to enjoy the weather and conversation.


Kelsey brought her famous Pimento Cheese – it is just as delicious as you think!


After grazing the snacks a bit (1 cracker with cheese, 2 pita chips, small handful goldfish, a couple carrots with pimento cheese), it was time for dinner. I had some of Kath’s yummy arugula mix salad and a piece of chicken-artichoke-roasted-red-pepper-pizza. I thought about having a second slice, but I was feeling pretty good after the first, so I decided to save room for dessert.


Dessert = cupcakes! Yum!


My cupcake – white cake with chocolate frosting…yum!




Soon enough, we had some present-opening time! Hubby and I brought Dogfish Head beer for the b-day boy, Kath + Matt brought an assortment of goodies, including some Barney Butter (lucky!), and Kelsey brought her own little creation in a TJ’s bag.


In the bag…2 matching Gilbert-themed T-shirts…so cute!


The party continued…Spongebob hats included.


I ended up having 2 of these Sierra Nevada Pale Ales, which were pretty good and reminded me (the non-beer-connoisseur) of Boddington’s.


We went outside for some flip cup where Matt + Ben decided to sing Happy B-day with helium.


Then it was back inside to play a game Kath + Matt brought – The Game of Things.


Then time for some goofing around with Gilbert…


Get him!

We ended the night with a little of one of my fave card games – Scrooge-odle! It’s a game that’s really easy to play where the basic idea is you’re trying to 4 of a kind and then you have to give your partner a signal to let them know you have 4 of a kind. Your partner has to see your sign and say “Scrooge-odle!”, but if someone else sees your signal, they can call you on it and then they win! It’s goofy, but fun! 🙂

Hubby and I had a blast at Nate’s B-day party – thanks for having us over Nate + Kate! It was fab! Happy birthday, Nate!!!

One Last Thing…

I’ve been blogged about over at Yourself in Five Years – click here to check it out! Not sure I’m ready to give up my use of the word “sammy”, but we’ll see…maybe for you, Nate…maybe for you? 🙂

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  1. Oh gee I have so much to say about this post, I hope I remember everything, OK here goes.

    First of all, that yogurt looks amazing, it's making me quite peckish, after this time for a snack!!

    I ADORE Spongebob, he is the cutest little thing ever, except well Bails, Lolls, our hubbies and my sweet Matthew, but damn he sure is CUTE!! Oh yeah and that Gilbert, what a face, he is adorable, and don't worry I won't tells Bails, he he.

    I agree with you on the goldfish in the bucket, what a cute idea, and the whole party in general with the adults wearing SBSP hats… adorable.

    OK if I have forgotten anything, I'll let ya know, lot of hugs.



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