SCBR Week 9/ Day 7 Food/Exercise Journal

My secret project kept me up till the wee hours of the morning…it is both extremely enjoyable and extremely frustrating to work on this project all at the same time. I think I’ve almost pulled my hair out at least a few times this morning. I only hope all my hard work will pay off. Till then, I may have to do shorter journal posts. Here’s Saturday’s entry…

9:30 am – Coffee – Content (5)


After listing coffee flavors available, my guest chose the Fresh Market Spring Blend for our morning brew. We enjoyed our coffees with sugar and soy creamer…yum!

11:30 am – The Flying Biscuit Brunch – Full (7)


Having enjoyed so many delish meals with my friend in SF, I really wanted to return the favor with some of Charlotte’s delicious eating establishments. Although it’s not a local-only restaurant, I knew The Flying Biscuit would be an awesome brunch choice, which my friend confirmed interest in after reviewing the menu online.

My friend and I sat on the patio to enjoy the warm weather and started our meal with a cup of coffee each.


I got a repeat of what I ate the last time I was at TFB – the Southern Scramble, which was of course served with a piping hot biscuit and cranberry apple butter


…and fresh fruit.


Biscuits are so good! I really wanted to get TFB cookbook, but will hold off for now. I think I’ve spent enough this month!

After leaving brunch, we headed over to the Promenade on Providence to deliver fliers for my craft show event – Pink at the Plaza ! I can’t believe it’s next weekend!

After the plaza, we hit up one of my fave local boutiques for a little shopping…then, it was time to head home and get my friend ready for the airport.

3:00 pm – Middle Eastern Take-Out – First Signs of Feeling Full (6)


Since breakfast was so late, we ended up eating lunch rather late, as well. We grabbed takeout from one of my fave hole-in-the-wall Mediterranean stops for some take-out: chicken kabobs with pickled veggies, hummus, and tabbouleh. So good!

After lunch, my friend took off for the airport and then back home to SF! I wish she could have stayed longer. Looks like it’s our turn to go visit her again! I’m already looking forward to another SF trip.

4:30 pm – Hot Tea – Content (5)


After my friend left, I had the house to myself. Hubby was away at a bachelor party. I settled in to a long night of Lifetime movies and work on my project, which started with a nice hot mug of Yogi Tea in Calming with a bit of honey.


Yogi Tea quote of the day: “Uplift everybody and uplift yourself.”

10:00 pm – Leftover Party – Content (5)

Between all those addictive Lifetime movies and hard work on my project (not to mention all the late meals) I totally lost track of time and ended up eat dinner rather late. Since I didn’t feel like hitting up the grocery store, I decided to be resourceful and dug through the kitchen to see what I could use up from our pantry. I really wanted to use up some ingredients laying around that would soon spoil.

I decided to make an open-face “grilled” cheese sandwich using a loaf of bread that probably only has a day or 2 left and some pieces of dill havarti that I expect to spoil any day. Better not let those foods go bad, right!?


I started by toasting a slice of bread in a toaster (so it didn’t get too soggy)


Then I topped it with slices of the dill havarti


Under the broiler it went for just a couple minutes.

I watched it very carefully to make sure it didn’t burn, but our over-sensitive smoke alarm started beeping one of the times I opened the oven door. WIthout hubby there, it was much harder to get to the smoke alarm, but I thankfully did not set off the sprinklers.


I had the “grilled” cheese with some leftover giardineira veggies and the tabbouleh we didn’t finish from lunch. Everything was pretty good, but the cheesy-bread was my fave part of the meal. I just had dinner with some water.


Nice and light for such a late dinner.

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