SCBR Week 12/ Day 4 Food/Exercise Journal

Well, I remembered my camera today, but when I went to take a picture of my breakfast, I discovered the battery was dead. *sad face*

7:30 am – Coffee – Content (5)

I had a nice big mug of Fresh Market Spring Blend to get me going this morning.

9:00 am – Strawberry/Blueberry-Flaxseed Oats – First Signs of Feeling Full (6)

I made a bowl of oatmeal with fresh, organic strawberries, dry-toasted almonds, and a sprinkling of that blueberry flaxseed stuff I got at TJ’s yesterday. The bowl was kinda pretty so I’m sad I didn’t get a photo. Oh well. The camera is charing now, so hopefully, I’ll have some photos for tomorrow.

1:30 pm – Leftover Salmon + Leek Wild Rice + Cherry Tomatoes – First Signs of Feeling Full (6)

I had the rest of the salmon and leek wild rice from yesterday’s lunch. I also brought some organic cherry tomatoes for some veg action. I’m glad I brought the tomatoes – they were very refreshing.

6:30 pm – Fiammas – Full (7)


I met a friend for dinner tonight at a local Italian restaurant – Fiamma . We started dinner with some foccacia and pesto olive oil.


I had a glass of white wine.


We each got the 3-course dinner (currently offered Mon-Wed). I started with the blood orange salad.


My friend started with the vegetable croquettes. We shared a couple bites of each to experience more flavors.


Post app, we got a bite of sorbet.


Then, it was entree time! I got the spinach ravioli prepared with homemade ravioli and red sauce and sage…yum! I definitely prefer fresh pasta whenever I can get it.


For my dessert course, I got the tiramisu


…with some decaf coffee.


At the end of the meal, we even got a free sample of their house-made limoncello – how cool!?

Dinner was fab and it was great catching up.

Hopefully, I’ll have more photos tomorrow. Till then, g’night!

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