AFFA Studying + Animal Kneads

AFAA Studying


I met up with my zumba friend Megan to do some studying for our upcoming AFAA Primary Group Fitness exam. Our exam is in less than 30 days and I may be freaking out about it just a lil bit.


We met up at Original Pancake House for some study fuel and then headed over to a Starbucks to come up with a plan of action and start on some flash cards.


This book is no joke! It’s as big as one of the books I used in college! Here’s a photo with a ruler so you can see. I can’t believe I have to read most of this by mid September!

Animal Kneads

Directly after brunch, I stopped by the Fresh Market to pick up some quick groceries. I got 2 rotisserie chicken breasts for dinner, along with some Barney Butter (been out for weeks and been craving this stuff like crazy), more Breakfast Blend (on sale $2 off!) and some new coffee in Molten Chocolate….mmm.


Then headed towards the Animal Kneads fundraiser with Great Harvest Bread Company to raise money for the Animal Care and Control Free Public Spay & Neuter Fund.


There were kittens there – I think they were available for adoption.




There were plenty of cute doggies, too! I didn’t look at them too closely since I don’t think Bailey’s quite ready for a brother or sister just yet.


With my $10 donation, I brought home a never-before-tried-Great-Harvest-treat – rolls – I believe they are the Virginia rolls. They were tender and melt-in-your-mouth-looking. The girl behind the counter even let me squeeze the bag to test out the density. I’m a sucker for soft rolls, so I quickly picked them out and brought them home.

I love great bread and I love supporting good causes. Double-win!

The bread was almost sold out by the time I got there, around 3pm (the event ended at 4pm), so it sounds like the event was a huge success. I hope it was!

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