Sunday Multi-Tasking

So behind on everything lately it seems! I have tons of comments to respond to, blog posts to write, de-cluttering to do, flashcards to study…phew!

This past Sunday (yesterday), I tried to multi-task to the best of my ability and decided to take some “me time” to start clearing out my DVR list (which seems to forever be 100% complete). I watched What Would Brian Boitono Cook (a little cheesey, but the figure skater in my LOVED it…and of course, Brian is amazing…the show made me wish he was my friend so we could hang out and cook and talk skating and foodie stuffs) and a DVR’ed Cold Case PLUS I caught a live Cold Case re-run, sans DVR.


While I caught up my TV shows, I made and prepared a jewelry order for my biz D Celestine.


I made a pair of my Tiki Chici earrings. I think these would make AWESOME beach earrings!


Dinner was easy as pie, but I was disappointed by my veggie. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE peas, but I had picked up some brussels sprouts earlier in the day from TJ’s and as I prepped them, they had all these icky black spots all over them – some that seemed to go to the deepest layer (I was trying to just peel off the outside layers after trimming the bottom).


My frozen green peas saved the day. They microwaved up quite nicely.


Yummy white wine & herb rotisserie chicken breast from The Fresh Market . I re-heated this in the oven at 350 degrees F for 15 minutes, wrapped in aluminum foil. It wasn’t quite enough time, but I was hungry, so I zapped the chicken in the microwave briefly to bring up the heat.


One of those Virginia Rolls from Great Harvest from the Animal Kneads event earlier in the day served as my carb.


Make that two rolls…with a little dab of real butter.


I mean LOOK at it! Could you resist this fresh-baked, tender, deliciousness? I think not.

Anywho, late phone conference tomorrow, but hoping to catch up on comments soon at least. Have a great week!

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