Impromptu Trip to the Rents’ House

I’ve been working hard on downsizing and de-cluttering in preparation for our (hopefully) big move in a month or so. I’ve filled about 10 Trader Joe’s paper bags full of stuff to donate or move to my parent’s house over the last several weeks.


Yesterday, as I enjoyed some leftover Smoky Tomato soup and a smoked gouda panini, I was remarking to hubby about how I wished we could take all those bags of stuff to my parent’s house (a day trip away). He said, “Let’s go now.”

So we did.


I took a couple bags of craft supplies and randomness that I thought my crafty sister may enjoy.


I also took several bags of clothes, which are the clothes that I wasn’t quite ready to donate but didn’t really LOVE. I purge my closet (and apartment) on a regular basis, and I’ve donated a ton of stuff so far this year. My goal is to have a smaller closet of clothes I LOVE instead of a larger closet of clothes I just like.

Thoughts of the clothing I dropped off:

  • The clothes I dropped off I just “liked”
  • They will help me out in the event I go to my parents’ house and forget to pack something
  • If within a year, I haven’t worn these clothes, haven’t missed them, and haven’t thought about them, I will consider consigning or donating them.

As usual at my rents’ house, we ate a ton of food. Here are some photos of our weekend eating adventure:














So nice to clear out some stuff from our apt…so nice to have such good eats…so nice to see my family. The next time we see them, we will, hopefully, be HOMEOWNERS!!!

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  1. We were doing the same thing this weekend! Hubby and I filled three trash bags of clothes and shoes to send to Goodwill. Now, I'm wondering…how do we get a small closet of clothes we love when we have to dress for work everyday? Do we wear some of the same things week after week? Do we put together some sort of "uniform"? because like you, I want to simplify my wardrobe but am stuck on the "how" part!


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