Pepper Stuffing Leftovers Turn Into a Simple Soup

Remember all those leftovers we had from the Stuffed Turkey Peppers from last night’s dinner?


We had a small tupperware full of cooked ground turkey, cherry tomatoes, wild rice, and other goodies. I didn’t have to wonder long what to do with my pepper stuffing leftovers.


I decided to turn my pepper stuffing leftovers into a simple soup for lunch today. I gathered up the leftovers with some swiss chard from yesterday’s Farmer’s Market visit along with some low sodium chicken broth.


I brought the broth to a boil and added the turkey stuffing, which promptly disappeared into the broth. I knew I needed to add something else…


…so, I rinsed up a can of kidney beans and added those to the pot.


While the broth had been heating up, I triple-washed my swiss chard and tore the leaves into smaller pieces. After adding the beans, I added the swiss chard and cooked it down for about 4 minutes.


Lunch was as simple as that!


I love finding a good way to morph good leftovers into delicious, new eats!

Have you ever made stuffed peppers and had leftover stuffing? What did you do with yours?

2 thoughts on “Pepper Stuffing Leftovers Turn Into a Simple Soup”

  1. I too love taking a bunch of leftovers to create random, yummy dishes!! this soup is genius!!!

    When I make stuffed peppers (only ever used beef, will try with the turkey!) I use the leftover filling to stuff in a wrap for lunch the next day.


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