A Very Pink B-day Celebration

I went out with friends to celebrate my birthday Saturday night. This would mark my second annual pink-party, meaning, I asked if people would wear pink. 🙂 Why? For fun! Hubby missed out on the festivities, but he had some of his own – a bachelor party in Charleson, SC.


First up, we had to do dinner. I selected Mama Ricotta’s because we’ve gone before and the food was fantastic.

We had a quite the group: Kath, Matt, Kate, Nate, Amanda, Justin, Michelle, Ben, Emily, Justin, Dana, and Megan.


Lovin the pink! Wish I could have gotten a photo of Matt’s pink tie but I forgot!


Chopped salad – split (this is a “small”! good thing I shared it). Delicious with pepperoncinis, chickpeas, and tomatoes (among other ingredients)


Megan’s Rigatoni (she wanted me to take a picture of it)


Chicken Carciofi (had this last time…had to have it again!) Delicious mix of chicken, capers, artichoke hearts, served over creamy polenta. Yum!


Loved how this card coordinated with my fingernail polish.


Kate + Nate gave me cupcakes. Four of them! I heart cupcakes! I got some other goodies, but forgot to photograph them. Oops!


Birthday candle time!


Megan helps with her photography skillz


The chocolate decoration drooped over…must have been the heat from the candle.

After dinner, many friends went home, but some decided to hit up a night on the town.


We took the light rail uptown.


We headed straight to the Epicentre.


We headed over to Strike City first. The original plan was to go bowling, but dinner took longer than we expected and we didn’t make it uptown as early as I expected.

Drink of choice – Grey Goose…as in anything with Grey Goose in it. Here we have a Sex on the Beach. Yes, I love fruity-girly drinks. The girlier and fruitier the better!




Inside strike city. It’s the nicest bowling alley I’ve ever seen.


At the bar.


The girls!

Next up, we got in line for Suite. We wasted 20 minutes waiting in a non-moving line at Suite. We would have gotten out of line sooner, but we were worried the lines would be just as bad everywhere else. Finally, we decided to move on after Emily scoped out the line at Whiskey River and discovered there was none.


Inside Whiskey River. You can’t quite tell, but the black blob in the middle is a HUGE group of people dancing on a stage area. You can kind of make out the tops of their heads from the lit windows.


Hallo! Whiskey River was fun. There were tons of people and they played some really good music.


Bullriders! (No, not me…I didn’t ride the bull)


We stayed out waaaaaaaay late. I haven’t had a night like that in awhile, but we had a good time so the lack of sleep was worth it.


All in all a very fun b-day celebration night. I’m feeling so blessed right now to have such great friends.

Look out for next year’s celebration because I’m throwing a huge party to celebrate the big 3-0.


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