It’s been a great day! Besides the beautiful weather… (be sure to read the bottom section of this post – good stuff there!)


Work was steady but not too hectic and hubby offered to go with me to Kabob Grill so I could enjoy my new favorite meal – the vegetarian combo.


The vegetarian combo is perfect for me because I’m a girl who likes to sample lots of different flavors in a single meal. Usually, I try to get someone (typically hubby) to split an appetizer, entree, and dessert with me. With the veggie combo, I get all the flavors I can handle!

In the vegetarian combo:


Mini spinach pie and stuffed grapeleaf


Combo comes with baba ganoush (sp?) but I subbed the foul muhammed (sp?)


Plus delish hummus and pickled veggies


Potatoes harra




AND a new fave of mine – falafel!

It is all SOOOO SOOOO SOOOO GOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!! I just love enjoying all the different flavors in one meal.


Things wouldn’t be complete without dessert – pistachio baklava (apparently my new fave type of baklava)


After dinner, we hit up Barnes & Noble to browse house decorating maagazines and for me to check out a book I heard about on email. Actually, I received a coupon from B&N to get the book Clean Food by Terry Walters for 50% off. After checking out the book in the store, I was intrigued and decided to take the book home with me. I can’t wait to read through the book more!

Here are some recipes I’m looking forward to trying:

IMG_1639.JPG IMG_1641.JPG

IMG_1642.JPG IMG_1643.JPG

Some great stuff in the Clean Food book…need to do more exploring now!


I also scored the last copy on the stands of Martha Stewart’s special Halloween magazine. Her older version is behind the new one and it is a personal fave of mine! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I just love all the dreadfully delightful ideas Martha Stewart comes up with.

Open Your Mind, Allow Yourself to Enjoy the New

Going back to my vegetarian meal, I have to say that I cannot believe that for the last 20+ years I’ve skipped vegetarian meals because I’m not a “vegetarian“. What was I thinking?! For whatever reason, I’ve always had the mindset that dinner had to be complete with the following:

  1. A Meat
  2. A Veggie
  3. A Starch
  4. Dessert (ok, ok…this one is optional) 🙂

Now that I’ve started to educate myself more on nutrition, I’m learning that a complete meal has less to do with those 3 items above and more to do with getting a nutritionally well-balanced meal. I’ve learned that I like soysage better than sausage…That I can enjoy both traditional burgers and veggie burgers equally…That anyone can eat vegetarian/vegan/raw meals and enjoy them. That you don’t have to be a strict “vegetarian” to eat a meatless meal.

Most importantly, I’ve realized how close-minded I’ve been to such a simple concept as vegetarianism. That’s a word, right? “Vegetarianism.” Yes, a quick google search found the term on Merriam-Webster . Anywho, if I missed out the last 20+ years on the delicious meal I enjoyed so-very-much tonight, and one that is quickly becoming a (dare I say) favorite meal, because I didn’t think I was supposed to eat it…what else am I missing out on? What am I inadvertently closing out? What new joy am I missing because I’m not open to it?

Going forward, I’d like to try to be more open-minded…not just in food but in life.

Reader Question: What is something you were once close-minded to but now love…or…what is something you are currently close-minded to but would like to open up and try?