Saturday Market Goodies + Ready-to-Blend-Smoothie

Ahh…good start to the day. Hubby let me sleep in and even cooked breakfast – bacon, scrambled eggs with cheese, and Great Harvest Bread Company Honey Whole Wheat toast with (real) butter (check my twitter for photo).

After breakfast and some fiddling around on the computer, we went to the Farmers Market! Here are some photos from our stash:





Shelled field peas


Cherry tomatoes


Local okra




Apples and bell peppers


Romaine lettuce – clearly not local but I’ll take it for 99 cents!



We only managed to get okra from the local farmers market, and though the other market doesn’t feature local veggies, they are at least far better priced than those in the grocery store. We got all our loot for $18 and some change.


If you’re like me, sometimes you just can’t get to your produce fast enough. Rather than letting your fruits spoil, why not prep them for smoothies and stick them in the freezer for future blending?

I had a banana that was past it’s prime, so rather than let it go to waste, I peeled it, broke it up and stuck it in a tupperware. You could stop here, stick the tupperware in the freezer, and have a key smoothie ingredient ready when you are…


…Or you could add some more fruit to the tupperware to have a Ready-to-Blend-Smoothie waiting for you in the freezer. I picked the latter today and rinsed and prepped a few of the farmers market strawberries we picked up this morning.


Stawberry-Banana smoothies are one of my fave basic smoothie flavors.


You could add more fruit to this later, but at least you have enough fruit in a single tupperware to make a quick smoothie for breakfast or a snack.


Just cover…


…and pop in the freezer. Tada! Now you have a smoothie waiting on you to be blended. When you’re ready for it, just add milk, yogurt, or whatever else you’d like and blend away. This really helps out for those mornings when you’re pressed for time and can just throw a bunch of ingredients together with little prep work.


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  1. Great looking produce – local will soon come to an end up here in the north. However, I'm heading to CA in a few days and hope they still have some farmers' markets going out near my daughter who lives close to the growers. BTW – I think you bought grape tomatoes rather than cherry. Enjoy.


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