Pizza Goodness

Hubby and I met up with friends, Kath , Matt , Caitlin, Jason, Amelia, and Kevin tonight for a brick-oven-style pizza dinner.


We all met up at a local fave of mine – Brixx .


Kath got a lovely beer sampler, which I really wanted to order, too, but couldn’t because of the anti-inflammatory medicine I’m taking for my pulled muscle. I will have to check it out next time…they had some interesting brews on the menu.


Passing samples


We had a long booth with a window. Here’s my view. The place was packed! They were having live music all night, so there were tons of people around.



Hubby and I split a small Caeser salad. The salad was just ok tonight…I usually really like their Caesar, but tonight’s was a little heavy on the dressing.


Hubby and I split a BBQ Chicken pizza…soooo yum!


Mmm…fresh cilantro


Looking down the table…lots of pizza goodness there!


Love their thin-crust, brick-oven style pizza!


After dinner, we made our way over to Cold Stone, which was conveniently located a couple stores down. Kath and I split a “Like It” concoction of 3/4 birthday cake ice cream + 1/4 cup Jell-O Butterscotch ice cream + Oreo cookies. I normally get the Birthday Cake Remix, but this new mix was awesome! I especially liked how the Oreos stayed crunch in the ice cream…I hate when things that are supposed to be crunchy turn mushy. So glad I tried something new. 🙂

We managed to catch a wee bit of the live music outside before finding the boys watching sports at the bar. Boys will be boys, no? lol


Group shot!

Thanks for the fun night friends!

4 thoughts on “Pizza Goodness”

  1. I love Brixx! It is so yummy. My mom and I go there when I come visit and then peruse birkdale for a little bit. How fun! I am coming from xmas eve to new years, even though that's family time that would be awesome to meet up! Have a good rest of the weekend

  2. Brixx is one of my favorite "healthier" pizza places. I love that you can get whole wheat crust! And its thin crust. I have not gotten a salad there–you make me want to try one.

    Sorry I have not been commenting as much lately–been a busy bee. Don't worry–I have been reading EVERY day though!


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