Pumpkin Bagels/Schmear + Gmail Major Organization!

This morning started off quite brilliantly. I brewed a pot of coffee….


…and was sipping on nice, hot mug of Fresh Market Breakfast Blend when I remembered today is Bagel Day Friday! Starbucks Monday I almost never miss or skip, but Bagel Day Friday hasn’t been seeing as much love. I skipped eating at home to save room for bagels.


On the way to work, I made a pit stop to pick up my new love – Pumpkin Bagels! Not only does Einstein Brothers Bagels make Pumpkin bagels, but they make a Pumpkin Schmear, too!


I tried my first Pumpkin Bagel, toasted, with Pumpkin Schmear earlier this week and couldn’t resist getting another today.


If you like pumpkin oatmeal or pumpkin pie, you will LOVE this pumpkin bagel/schmear combo. When I first tried this breakfast, I didn’t notice a lot of pumpkin flavor in the bagel. That was probably because the pumpkin schmear was so flavorful. It reminded me of pumpkin pie filling…yum! I loved the fall-spice flavor. Not sure what they used, but I definitely got some cinnamon.

I enjoyed my bagel with a nice, hot cup of Autumn Roast (chestnut) coffee. Mmm…breakfast put me in a GREAT mood today!

I was hoping to go to zumba after work, but my leg is…not hurting, but kind of bothering me still. After waiting several weeks before being able to go back to class, I’m not going to risk re-injury for ANYTHING! I figure better safe than sorry, right? I am still dying to show my potential choreography to my instructors for Te Aviso, Te Anuncio!

Have you seen Kath’s Nerd KERF Gmail Tutorial? It’s pretty sweet! I was totally inspired by Kath’s tutorial. Stuck at home with no zumba, I decided to tackle my horrible gmail inbox. See, I spend almost every day in front of the computer for my day job, so the last thing I want to do is read the hundreds of emails that have poured into my inbox (except for the comments…I can’t get enough of those! 😉 ). I haven’t been keeping my email box organized at all, which has been driving me CRAZY. A lot of things around me related to organization are driving me crazy at the moment, so I’ve decided to tackle these things, 1 small win at a time.

I also multi-tasked by working on clearing out my DVR list. I have more Food Network DVR’ed than I could possibly watch, so I figured rather than delete all my old episodes, I’ll just play them in the background when I’m blogging, etc so I can catch snippets at least. I had an Everyday Italian marathon and drooled over Giada’s kitchen. I hope I can channel her kitchen while we’re remodeling ours.

Besides re-organizing my email and clearing out my DVR list today, I also managed to take my starred emails down from 180 to 20 and I’ve sorted and archived hundreds of emails. I feel so productive…yay! I had a shocking 1500 unread emails in my inbox, and most of those emails were read but marked unread since I use unread emails like a “to-do” list sometimes. I’ve decided to use my starred emails as my to-do as far as my email goes. I think my newly organized system will keep me productive!

Now if I could only managed to get the 1,261 emails sorted with a snap of my fingers. Oi!

Hubby and I are going to a wedding tomorrow night, so between packing, gmail organizing, and other errands, we decided to do something simple, easy, and affordable.


We decided to make Breakfast for Dinner. We had eggs, cheese, spinach, and bread, but hubby wanted to pick up a couple things for the weekend and grabbed a red bell pepper while he was out.


I was already hungry when I left work and knew I didn’t want to wait till hubby was home to eat. So, I decided to have an itty-bitty yogurt parfait using Stonyfield Organic Oikos Greek Yogurt in vanilla with Bear Naked Fruit + Nut Granola with a sprinkling of chia seeds.

This was the cutest parfait – check out how small it was compared to my hand!


Hubby picked out a great red bell pepper with a nice, tight skin. I actually got all the pepper I needed for our Egg Scramble just using the ring around the top, sans the stem.


I sliced the rest of the bell pepper up – this will make a great snack tomorrow.


Dinner came together quite quickly, which I was pretty happy about since I have only 1000 unread emails calling my name.


We had an egg scramble with: cage-free eggs, red bell pepper, organic baby spinach, and TJ’s shredded cheddar cheese. We also had some Great Harvest Bread Company Dakota toast. I had 1/2 with real butter and 1/2 with Dark Chocolate Dreams PB.


Hubby turned his eggs and toast into a sandwich. I swear, the mean will put anything and everything on bread! lol

We ended up watching a re-run of last night’s Flash Forward. Does anyone else watch this show? It’s pretty good so far. I’m curious to see if their visions are their true futures and if they are, if they’ll be able to change them.

Phew, well, I have some more emails to tackle and then I’m off to bed.

What are you guys up to this weekend? Any one headed to the Farmers Market?

4 thoughts on “Pumpkin Bagels/Schmear + Gmail Major Organization!”

  1. mmm all of your food looks delish! Especially that pumpkin bagel and shmear!!!!!!!!! Holy yum! I doubt I could get ANYTHING like that here. I probably would love it lol. Have fun at the wedding!

  2. OK, where do I start??

    1.) Pumpkin Bagel? That sounds like heaven! Must try!

    2.) The gmail video has completely inspired me to regain control of my email – but I just finished up a project and am trying really hard to resist starting this one at 2a.m. – it'll go on Monday's to-do list.

    3.) All of your food pics look delish… can't wait to read through more of your blog, I'm loving it!

    4.) We seem to eat a lot of the same foods. I'm all about Fresh Market, Stonyfield organic greek yogurts, bear naked (blogged about them a few weeks ago), and anything with the word pumpkin.

    Hope you're having an incredible weekend!! 🙂


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