Things I Can’t Wait To Do Once We’re Moved In

There have been so many things I’ve been dying to do/get over the last couple years that our little apartment hasn’t allowed me to. We have ways to go since we’re still doing renovations and trying to update the place, but I’m hoping to work on my wish list as soon as possible.

Things I Can’t Wait To Do Once We’re Moved In:

  • Decorate
  • Start my veggie and cutting gardens
  • Have dinner parties (I think we’re going to miss our annual Halloween one this year unfortunately)
  • Pick out furniture (and hopefully find some new and old pieces to mix – hope to update the old ones a la HGTV)
  • Have people over to watch the games, movies, TV Show marathons
  • Buy fun mugs, plates, bowls, and placemats for my blog photos
  • Get back into crafting (so many cozy yarn-y projects to work on this winter)
  • Have friends over to practice zumba (now that we have some open space)
  • Have houseguests (now that we have an extra bedroom)
  • Have knit/crochet get-togethers (Stitch and B anyone? haha)
  • Play bocce ball in our yard
  • Have cook-outs in our yard
  • Get a big screen TV (hubby has been waiting on the house to buy one)
  • Set-up a jewelry-making space in the basement (preferably with a fused glass kiln)
  • and of course, have a big, fun house-warming party

I’m sure I’m forgetting some stuff, but I’m excited either way!

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  1. How about win the lottery to pay for everything !!! Just kidding, hope all goes well for you on your happy move ! Blessings to you.


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