All Day Meetings Make Me a Hungry Girl

I woke up extra early this morning to get ready for the first day of some on-site meetings I’m having with my team this week. They flew in from all over the country to be here so it’s a pretty important couple of days.


To get going, I started with some nice, hot coffee. Yum-O!



We had breakfast coming to us for our meetings, but I decided a light snack was in order to give me energy to prep for the meetings. I had a smaller piece of one of my homemade granola bars. Still so good! I NEED to make more of these soon!

I had just finished my granola bar and was sipping on coffee…checking my email when I realized…it was 7:30am! I was supposed to BE THERE…NOW! I quick finished getting ready and raced to work speed walking down halls and passing people left and right. I was on a mission! I got there pretty early, but not what I had PLANNED to do, so I was kind of disappointed for that. Guess clocks are another key item we need to invest it.

I spent the day racing around trying to make sure everyone had what they needed to do their work and be comfortable in addition to trying to participate in said meetings. I had a second breakfast once things were settled – a half sesame bagel (the half with the seeds!) with a very light smear of plain schmear and a half pumpkin muffin – oh and some autumn roast coffee (went perfect with that pumpkin muffin!)


Did I mention I was in charge of food again?! Oh yes! I was so I picked out some good stuff. For lunch, I ordered catering from a restaurant – sandwich lunch boxes that not only came in under budget but were made with Great Harvest bread! Gotta love that!


I got chicken salad sandwich with chips and a wee bit of sweet tea


…and a brownie.

I don’t know why but I was starting to get hungry around 4pm! Guess all day meetings make me a hungry girl!

We had a team building event after work – dinner and bowling! My business boss is a foodie like me and we always split stuff, which I love. She’s my food-splitting buddy!


We shared 1/2 a Caeser salad…(I didn’t eat the croutons)


…and 1/2 of this BBQ chicken personal size (10″) pizza.


I traded one of my slices of pizza in for a slider and handful of fries from another business client. It was like a bar food festival!

Total I had the 1/2 caesar salad, 1 slider (mini hamburger), handful of fries, and 1 mini piece of BBQ chicken pizza. Not the healthiest options, but I think I did ok on portion sizes. I do like to eat fast food once in awhile, but I’m at least usually pretty good on how much of it I eat.


My business boss and I spilt dessert while the others bowled. My stupid wrist has been flaring up lately and I knew bowling would be a bad idea, so I figured dessert was in order. The brownie was more like cake than brownie, but it was good either way.

Guess dinner was pretty decadent, but I had a good time. Day 2 of all day meetings kicks off tomorrow. This time we’re getting a hot lunch! Yay…I love sandwiches, but hot lunches will, hopefully, be a nice change of pace! I hope my team likes the food I picked out!

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  1. Sounds like a busy day! I love being in charge of food stuff and you sure got some yummy food. That's so neat to do a team building event, sounds like a lot of fun!
    Thanks so much for the couch to 5k plan, I hadn't heard of this before and while it seems slow I think it will be good for my joints and ultimately keeping with it. I think I'm going to download the iPhone app 🙂


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