Black Friday “Fun”

Hubby woke up at 3am on Black Friday to buy some door buster items from Best Buy. Unfortunately, they RAN OUT of BOTH the items he wanted to buy (as if!) and had to return home empty-handed. I almost went with him, but thank goodness I didn’t! My poor hubby had to wait outside in the cold for an hour and a half and didn’t even buy anything. How “fun“?

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We went back to bed and slept in till 10:30am! So much for hitting up Black Friday! lol We did wake up to a fabulous breakfast: oven-toasted Great Harvest whole wheat rolls, scrambled eggs, broiled bacon



We turned them into breakfast sammies (sans cheese – wow, I hardly even missed it!).


I went back for more. I really just wanted a roll with butter and honey, but the last bit of eggs was calling my name and I hate to waste food, so I ate them, too. I also had a banana.

Great shopping fuel!

Hubby and I did end up going to the mall afterall, but we didn’t really buy anything. It was sort of a disappointment. We expected better sales.

I did find a gorgeous couch and chair set that was on sale for being floor models but we figured by the time we got the set back home, we would have paid full price anyways. Bummer! Fare-thee-well gorgeous couch set that I can’t have. 🙁 Hubby and I have been having the HARDEST time finding furniture we like, so I was happy to finally find something I liked for the formal living room, but disappointed that the set wasn’t feasible for us. (I’m hoping we get lucky by finding the same set back home).

I did end up buying a couple things:

  • a mini 1 quart Calphalon pot (for stovetop oatmeal for one)
  • Bobbi Brown hydrating face cream (the only face lotion I use – this after testing hundreds of products as a teen)
  • Bobbi Brown eye make up remover (no sting!)
  • Bobbi Brown lip gloss in Aubergine (my official Winter lip color)

I ALWAYS hit up Bobbi Brown to restock my face goodies because they have the “holiday sizes” (larger sizes) during the holiday months and they’re much more efficient (and last me all year).


I got a mini makeover while I was at the Bobbi Brown counter. A makeup artist applied the new holiday palette to my eyes and lips.


I LOVED the colors! I also liked that the lip colors had shea butter for extra moisturizing.

I almost bought the set but managed to hold myself back. The palette wasn’t cheap and we have other things we need to buy now. 🙁 Who knows…maybe Santa will bring it to me? 😉



Family photo!

Too bad hubby wasn’t in this picture…we could have used these photos to make Christmas cards!

Did you go shopping on Black Friday? If so, what did you buy? Any good deals?

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  1. I lucked out on Black Friday and saved more than $100 on Christmas gifts (iTunes gift cards at Target were even on sale!) I bought a robe and slippers for my mom, a few CDs, a wallet for my father-in-law, the gift cards and a few other random items. All on sale. I went back to the mall today (it wasn't busy at all!) and scored four shirts in Gap for under $30. Can't beat that!

    I love the pics of you and your dog 🙂 I've been wanting a decent picture for our cards, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen this year!


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