Easy Afternoon – Movie, BBQ, Chocolate

Hubby and I enjoyed an easy afternoon with my dad and sister before heading out of town.

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My dad and sister cooked up a delicious breakfast.



Blueberry pancakes (with blueberries from our blueberry-picking trip in the summer), scrambled eggs, home-fried potatoes, and some bacon leftover from the previous day.



I had my real maple syrup on the side with a dab of real butter melted in. I love dipping bites of pancakes into syrup.


Since we had some, I put whipped cream in me and hubby’s coffees.

After breakfast, we all got ready (sans mom who was at work) and went out to see Ninja Assassin. My sister is black belt and loves these types of movies. The movie was waaaaaay more bloody than I thought it would be, but it was pretty good overall.

After the movie, we hit up a couple of my favorite things:


Henry’s BBQ. I got my usual – the regular sandwich plate with fries and coleslaw.

Though this wasn’t the healthiest choice…


I kept my portion small. I was only able to eat about half…of everything (see my “after” photo). Luckily, hubby helped me finish.


After lunch, we hit up another fave spot in town – The Chocolate Shoppe. We’ve been buying cookies and fudge here since I was a kiddo. Their chocolate chip cookies are some of the best I’ve ever had and their fudge is pretty awesome, too!

I got a free Snickerdoodle sample (yes a WHOLE cookie to sample!) when I went inside. I also got to try a pralined pecan. All so good, but I ended up leaving with 2 dark chocolate-caramel-walnut thingies (forgot the name).


My sister gave me a sample of the cookie she left with – Oatmeal (no chocolate chips, no raisins, just good ole chewy oatmeal). It was very tasty!

After our eating adventures, it was time for hubby and I to hit the road and head back home. See you next month, family!

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