QT With My Co-Workers

Ahh…another delicious breakfast in this morning offfff…OATMEAL…encore!


I guess you start to take things like healthy, home-cooked breakfasts for granted sometimes until you don’t have them any more. Enjoying my oatmeal breakfasts this week has reminded me how much I LOVE them!


Especially around this time of year…when the weather outside and sometimes the air inside is cooler, I like hot coffee and warm bowls of oatmeal to help warm up in the morning.


Today’s breakfast was really nice…


Coco-Pumpkin Oats

Pre-cooking ingredients:

  • 1/4 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup skim milk
  • extra-large tablespoon scoop of organic canned pumpkin
  • sprinkle of flaxseed

Zapped in microwave – 1 minute, stir, 1 minute again


  • 1 tsp sugar
  • sprinkle of chopped pecans
  • sprinkle of organic coconut flakes (looks like snow!)


Several of my co-workers have flown from all across the country for some meetings in town this week. Whenever they’re in town, I like to try to spend some time with them outside of work. I think it helps build teamwork and create good working relationships. Plus, it’s nice to see a different side of people outside of the office.

We were going to go to a local pub, but it had a shocking 1 1/2 hour wait!

We went to another local favorite Southern restaurant of mine – Mert’s – upon my recommendation.


I started with a Yuengling. The funny thing was a lady at our table was crazy for Yuenglings and totally looking forward to being able to order them in the South. Apparently, they are hard to find (maybe impossible?) where she’s from in AZ. I was glad that the restaurant I recommended had some! She looked so happy to find a place to serve them.

I’m normally a light-brew drinker, but I was surprised at how smooth the Yuengling was. I really enjoyed it, though I did milk it over the course of dinner (I’m a slow drinker). Hey, I enjoyed every sip!


Dinner started with delicious cornbread. I ate one mini loaf with some whipped butter…it was AWESOME!


For my entree, I got the 1/4 fried chicken (breast) with macaroni and cheese and collard greens. I LOVE these two sides at this place and though I’m sure the other sides they offer are equally delicious, I can’t bring myself to try something different. Mmm…


I ate most of my plate…well, maybe a little more than 1/2 ish, but I had to save room for dessert! I split a slice of red velvet cake with a co-worker. I’ve had better, but that cake sure hit the spot with my sweet tooth…yum!

Reader Question: What’s something you look forward to getting, food-wise, when you visit particular states/regions? For me, I love the coffee, baked goods, cheese, and pastries in France; pralines, Kickin Chicken, and High Cotton in Charleston, SC; and probably LOTS of other places that I’m momentarily forgetting.

2 thoughts on “QT With My Co-Workers”

  1. Love that first photo of your oatmeal and morning cuppa.

    It could take me pages to answer your question! I love California for the Rubios grilled fish tacos (my friends there say they will not eat Rubios for about a month after I leave every time, ha ha) but mostly I just love all the fresh produce we find there. The blueberries in the US always look so darn perfect!
    In Spain, I go for the cured hams, manchego and the octopus. In France, the steak tartare and the snails. Mostly all the foods I don't eat regularly and feel free to enjoy when on vacation 🙂 Now you've got me hungry… I am in Paris this time tomorrow though, so will get to indulge pretty soon!

  2. Most of the places I've visited outside where I live is the Caribbean & only once a year. My favorite caribbean foods are: flying fish (Barbados), Jerk Chicken & rice & peas (Jamaica & Bahamas).

    I have been to California but none of the cuisine there really stood out in my mind. I love Southern food so I really should try to visit there some day. I love mac & cheese, cornbread – all comfort food.


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