Choco-Coconut Oats, Encore

*GAHHH – How embarrassing, but I actually re-used the previous day’s photos when I first blogged this! Doh! Guess that’s what happens when you blog in the AM sans coffee! lol I’ve updated the post with new photos. Phew!*

Told ya I’d make these Choco-Coconut Oats again soon! Here’s breakfast from yesterday:




To this bowl, I didn’t add almonds, but I did add just a few non-dairy chocolate chips. Yum-O!



Breakfast was enjoyed with some new Cracker Barrel Gingerbread coffee…yummers! The flavor was much more mild than I anticipated, but really appreciated. I thought the flavor was perfect for this chilly winter-ish morning we had today and it went well with my steamy bowl of oats.

I meant to post this yesterday but I couldn’t freakin figure out how to use Ecto to “Send Draft to Server”. Grr…I spent at least an hour trying to research the issue. I’m nearly certain I’m missing something super obvious and will feel stupid when I find out how to do it. I even remember seeing the option to send to server, but can’t find it now (when I need it…of course!)

Busy day ahead. I’m in the zumba mood but have so much to do. I know I’m going later this week, so I may have a house-work-night tonight. We’ll see.

Have a great day everyone!

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