Hurry Back Camera! *sniff*

Since I slept in so late, I decided to try to make today as efficient as possible.



I pressed tofu while I blogged away earlier.


I marinated my tofu while I went grocery shopping.

Marinade (a la Ellie Kreiger): 2 tbsp soy sauce, 1 tbsp canola oil, 1 tbsp orange juice, sprinkle pepper


The dude at Earthfare managed to fit all my groceries in the reusable tote Stonyfield sent me (for free) awhile back.




Great fresh groceries: organic yellow onions, organic sweet potato, organic celery, organic garlic, organic bananas, red potatoes, organic baby carrots, organic tomato juice, grass fed eye of round (beef), organic lemongrass ginger tea, organic yerba mate tea

IMG_7804.JPG IMG_7805.JPG

Before putting up my groceries, I wanted to get lunch cooking. I peeled a sweet potato, but I put the peelings into a pan in the sink so as to avoid another clog (don’t think hubby would have been happy with me if I put the peels down the sink and he had to go rummaging in the pipes again).


Directions: I chopped the sweet potato pretty small so it would cook faster – about 1/2″ cubes. I tossed them in a drizzle of olive oil and lightly sprinkled them with salt, pepper, and cinnamon. I baked them at 400 for about 25-30 minutes, till just browning lightly. Once removed from oven, drizzle a wee bit of maple syrup and toss to coat.

I put up the groceries and took the dog out before adding the tofu to the oven. I baked the tofu at the same temp for about 15-20 minutes.



While lunch cooked, I prepped dinner: slow cooker grass-fed beef pot roast.



I also cooked a side veggie: sauteed swiss chard.

Directions: I sliced the leaves lengthwise, and then into 1/2″-1″ slices. I triple washed the leaves, then sauteed them in extra virgin olive oil for about 7-8 minutes. I added 1/4 cup chicken broth for the last minute, then a tiny dab of butter for flavor.

OH NO!! I noticed something was terribly wrong with my camera as I shot my afternoon photos. I kept getting an error message and had to pop my battery out and back in to get it to work! I decided to keep trucking along, popping my battery out and in while I wrapped up lunch.




I researched the error message while I ate lunch. The outlook was not good. I found some sites saying I could do some things to fix the camera and some sites saying to send the camera in immediately. Luckily hubby got me a Black Tie protection plan with the Best Buy Geek Squad, so I had a choice. I found our info from a box and thought about whether I should try to fix the problem myself or take it to the Geek Squad.


Yerba Mate with local honey to go with lunch.

I tried my camera with two different lens and got the same error message.

I knew things weren’t good.

Ultimately, I decided to go ahead and take the camera to Best Buy. They said they couldn’t fix the camera there and would have to send it off. The estimated repair time…2-4 weeks!

I wanted to CRY!

Basically, I am not going to have my DSLR for the next few weeks of every day photos, but worst of all…I won’t have my Camera for Christmas or New Years! Waaaaaaaaaa!

Please hurry back camera…I miss you already!

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