Quick Chocolate Chip Cookies

I got back from CPR/AED/First Aid Certification around 2pm and planned to head over to a friend’s house later for a holiday movie marathon around 3:15pm. Unfortunately, we were out of butter, so a grocery store trip was a must.


Knowing I was short on time, I at least had the foresight to pick up some Chocolate Chip Cookie mix from Great Harvest, while I was there picking up bread for the week. I figured using a mix would help me make some cookies quickly. Hey, cookies don’t have to be made from scratch to be good, and with great ingredients like the ones in this mix, they’re pretty close! I read the ingredient list and it looked pretty darn clean.

I was attracted to the package because of the price ($4.95) and the whole grain goodness!


I also picked up some more Trader Joe’s Organic Butter. So very good.

I almost picked up some Earth Balance while I was at Trader Joe’s, but I’m very skeptical of margarine-type products. I read the ingredient list and it seemed decent, but does any one know for sure one way or the other?


It was 2:45 by the time I got back from the grocery store.


Luckily, hubby helped me out by lining the baking sheets with parchment paper while I got the oven pre-heating and the cookies mixed up.



Get in that oven…quick!


Guess this is what happens when you rush through baking – it’s a uni-cookie!


After letting the cookies cool on the baking sheets for about 5 minutes, I quickly transferred the cookie-covered-parchment paper to wire racks to attempt faster cooling.


By the time the cookies were cooling, we were already running past our anticipated arrival time of 3:15pm, so I was starting to feel anxious about getting on the road.


After letting the cookies cool some more, I finally loaded them up, slightly warm and all. I used parchment paper I baked with to do the lining between layers of cookies.

Hey, I know I like still-warm-from-the-oven-cookies, so other people must, too, right? Right!

I dunno, I was too busy rushing to get going that I didn’t get to taste test.

Cookies ready, we set off for our holiday movie marathon. Time to spread more holiday cheer for my Christmas Cookie Challenge! Tally-ho!

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  1. So yummy! Kate packed plates of desserts for Caitlin/Jason and Justin/I to take home and I've packed one of your cookies to eat at lunch at the school computer lab today :o) yum!


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