So Fresh and So Clean-Clean

With a late phone conference today, I decided to spend the last part of my work day working from home.



I rarely work from home or have the chance to run errands during the day, so I almost always take the opportunity to hit up a local bakery on my way home from work. I picked up a pretzel twist for hubby and a mini "texas donut" for moi. With decaf…mmm…nice and warm!


Hubby decided to not partake in dinner when he found out I was cooking (an organic) butternut squash. 🙁

IMG_7214.JPG IMG_7216.JPG


IMG_7219.JPG IMG_7220.JPG

That was too bad too because the squash was a PAIN to prep! Mostly it was difficult because of my measley peeler. I think I need one of those that is shaped more like a razor with the blade at the top instead of a long knife-like one like I had. I barely could get through the skin with mine! I finally figured out if I rubbed it back and forth quickly it came off easier, but I was TERRIFIED I'd end up cutting myself accidentally and proceeded as carefully as possible.


Since I was having dinner solo, I decided to go ahead and dig into some Trader Joe's Organic Firm tofu I had in the fridge.

I actually prepped my tofu before getting started on the squash since it needed to marinate.


Check out the heart in my tofu marinade! I'm seeing hearts everywhere lately!


Roasted tofu


Roasted butternut squash (with canola oil and maple syrup)


Peas. I used to hate peas, but now I LOVE them!






Yum! So fresh and so clean-clean…clean eats that is!



Two tiny Trader Joe's truffles with skim milk for dessert. Two desserts in ONE day…I know. I shouldn't have. But…I DID! 😉

House Update


The polyurethane smell in the house is driving me crazy! I found these Bath & Body works wallflowers replacement bottles in a box, but not the attachments. Not until tonight at least. I decided to figure out where the heck they were so I could get them plugged up.

IMG_7256.JPG IMG_7266.JPG

I placed a "Fresh Linen" in the living room and a "Sea Island Cotton" in our bedroom.

I used to be completely obsessed with these wallflowers when I was in college. Cotton Blossom (the original, not the Sea Island) was my signature scent. I loved how fresh and clean it smelled…like a warm, sunny day. I didn't use them much in the apartment, but I see them becoming popular on the house-front once again.

I wish I had some more fall-like scents, though. Hmm…shopping to Bath & Body anyone?


More signs of Christmas in the house. (and yes, that's the Real Housewives of OC in the background)


I think I need some mini ornaments for my silver Christmas tree. This little reindeer needs no extra decoration – he's so cute!


Sleepy time!

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  1. I used to hassle with peeling the squash, too, until I had it at a friend's house. She didn't bother peeling it, and it was fine! I assumed the skin would be kinda hard and tough, but it just cooked the same way the rest of the squash did, and it was good. So, don't worry about it–it's some extra fiber.


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