Just Another Manic Monday

I think I’ve used that title before, but oh well…such is life…

I hit a new record with my phone conferences. I had 8 scheduled hours! That’s an ENTIRE DAY of phone conferences! One actually got cancelled (re-scheduled)


I fueled up for zumba today with some Kashi crackers and some Fruit Snacks (10 pieces).

I also had an Raw Organic Food Bar in chocolate coconut (won free via Twitter)


Loving my zumbawear!


Love how me and my zumba friends accidentally coordinated tonight. I’m wearing my new zumba samba pants and new yellow “join the party” zumba top in yellow. I’m also wearing my hip scarf…woot woot!

I did my Slave 4 U choreography tonight for the class and got a nice compliment from a regular. It made me so happy because the regulars are extra particular about what they like to see in class and she told me the choreography was “different” and “refreshing.” Ahh. 🙂 That’s what I was going for!

I also got a request for my song! My first request. Hooray!


Miso soup and salad with ginger dressing


tempura zucchini


Cali roll with masago


Check out my heart-shaped ginger!

Is anyone taking a big vacation this year for the holidays? Doing anything fun?

8 thoughts on “Just Another Manic Monday”

  1. Love the yellow top! I feel like such an amateur by comparison 😉 maybe when I gain co-ordination I'll treat myself to somenew gear.

    We're in Paris again, which to us is pretty special after 4 years so far away in new Zealand 🙂 it's good to be back in the northern hemisphere for the holidays. A nice way to settle in to your new home too, I imagine!

  2. Awe girl! I loved the girl pic with all of you wearing matching clothes!!!! Did you have dinner at Nikko's? Apparently that has become a tradition, uh? =) So jealous and I wish I could be there at least every Monday to join you =D

  3. Yes! Sushi tradition! Wish you were there with us!!

    Will you be passing through Charlotte when you visit the states??

    By the way, didn't you choreograph somethig to Ojos asi ? I think I'm spelling that right…lol. (The Shakira song)

    🙂 Diana

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  4. Your zumba class sounds like a lot of fun!

    Most of my family lives in Vegas so I will be staying there. I did take off a couple extra days before Christmas so hopefully I can get some much needed shopping in.

    Love your blog!


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