The Weather Outside Was Frightful

I decided to make good use of my Oat Bran bread with a breakfast I haven’t enjoyed in awhile:



Oat Bran toast with Barney Butter with Gingerbread Coffee and a banana. Ahh…breakfast of champions!



Lookie what came in the mail already! My Eat Smart scale, purchased from the Kath Eats Open Sky. Fast shipping!


It even came with batteries! Sweet!


I tested the scale out with the only thing I had around quickly – my bread from breakfast. The scale was nice and easy to use. I love how compact it is!



The weather outside was frightful. It was cold and rainy. Ick!

Perfect night for pizza!


We started with an organic arugula salad with sunflower seeds and a balsamic dressing.


Slice of pepperoni with real coke. I love coke with my pizza (and hamburgers) but I can never finish a whole can. That’s just too much soda for me! I usually split a can with hubby if we don’t have any mini cans on hand.


Slice of cheese. Don’t mind the blotting papers in the background.


Decaf coffee + Bailey’s Irish Cream = special dessert treat



The Bailey’s I picked up came with free samples of Smirnoff Vanilla and Godiva Chocolate Liqueur (I’ve always wanted to try that stuff!).


Trader Joe’s Decaf Smooth & Really Mellow – a nice, affordable blend.


I add a little less sugar than normal and stir Bailey’s in as my creamer (and bit of sweetener)…no milk/cream required!

One for me, one for hubby.



Topped with whipped cream = extra yum!



After drinking about half my mug, I went back for extra whipped cream…heehee. I couldn’t resist!

Currently watching So You Think You Can Dance. Mollee rocked out her first couples dance…you go girl! That “dangerous” routine by Legacy and Eleanor was awesome, too!

House Update

Also currently very irritated with my curtains. We finally have curtains and rods, but haven’t had time to install the darn things (just got the rods on Sunday), but decided to try tonight. The curtains we bought were only available in 84″ and then 96″ tall (two closest to what we need). I want them to hang floor length. When we measured, the frame of our window was right around 84″, so we got the 84″ curtains, but now that we’ve got the curtains on hand, we’re realizing we’re going to have to hang the rod at the bottom of the top wood piece of our window frame. It looks STUPID! If I get the 96″ curtains, they’ll puddle on the floor, which I’ve heard is ok but not good for pets.

I guess we could also get the ring attachments, but I kind of don’t want to. Oh well…guess we’ll either have to bother doing some massive returns (we got the voiles for almost every room) and let our curtains puddle or we’ll have to buy attachments for the curtains we have. Oi!

Houses are hard!


  • Can you believe the average American consumes around 3700 calories daily – Why Americans Are Fat
  • For those asking about my Gingerbread Coffee – I got mine at Cracker Barrel, but I also spotted a can at Trader Joe’s (when I was buying my decaf tonight)

I feel like sewing something…maybe I’ll dig out my sewing machine since I can’t hang curtains?

12 thoughts on “The Weather Outside Was Frightful”

  1. Gosh all your photos are beautiful!

    Your breakfast looks awesome. I forgot how great nut butter is on toast!

    And you might think your weather is frightful, but I'm slightly jealous of it! It's still shorts weather here in Florida 🙂

  2. mmm I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but I'll sure do some decaf with bailey's. What a treat!
    I sure hope you get the curtain dilemma figured out, I agree it's so frustrating sometimes. I had to get the 96' and they kind of puddle on the floor because I'm not good at sewing to shorten them 🙁
    I have so many SYTYCD episodes to catch up on! I'll have a marathon once finals are over 🙂

  3. Hey girlie,

    If you don't do coffee, I'm planning to do Bailey's with some hot milk and unsweetened cocoa powder – Like a Bailey's hot chocolate. Yum!

    Yea, maybe I should get the 84…or at least measure to see what the 96 would look like.

    🙂 Diana

  4. I love mini soda cans! Like you, I usually only want a little bit to enjoy and a whole can is too much! When I have soda at home (from a 2 liter), I usually end up pouring just a few ounces into a short glass. 🙂

    As for the curtains, would it be too expensive/time consuming to hem the longer ones so that they don't pool?

  5. atleast it was rain there and not snow! It's been snowing like crazy all night/morning. The commute stunk this morning!

    I'm just buying a house so I can't even imagine all the little things that we'll need to deal with.

    BTW I love the after dinner drink. Looks delicious!

  6. Since you have a sewing machine, could you hem the curtains? It would just be a straight across stitch. I have curtain issues too & if I had a machine that worked, I'd probably make my own. They are either too darn expensive or don't come the way I want them too.

  7. You know, I can believe that americans consume that much calories per day. Every time I cross the boarder (I'm in Canada) The portion sizes go from regular to OBSCENE. Honestly…I never put a dent in my food when I eat out in the states…portion sizes have gotten extremely out of hand.

    Anyhooooo….mmm baileys 😉


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